Mirollex Review – World Leader In Crypto Investments (Not Paying)

mirollex - bitcoin investing

Status Update: Mirollex has stopped paying it’s customers. HYIP platforms like this usually last longer when the market is healthy. Due to the recent drop in the cryptomarket, many HYIP platforms such as this decided to bail with customers money.

Always remember the risk when putting your money in any platform. Always remember to only invest what you can afford to lose. HYIP platforms are essentially casinos. You know what happens at the casino. Checkout some other paying HYIP platforms.

If you are into HYIP or better known as high-risk investing, Mirollex may be the choice for you. Platforms like this are unpredictable. You don’t really know how long they will last or when they will stop paying you. That is why you only invest what you can afford to lose.

What we do like about Mirollex is that their domain name is registered up until 2028. What that can tell you as an investor is that this is a company that is focused on the long-term and not a short-term money grab like a lot of Ponzi platforms do.

About Mirollex

Mirollex is an investment management company for private and corporate investors. As stated on their website, they manage funds across a wide range of investment strategies such as stocks, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrency assets.

Mirollex claims that they are a global financial services group operating in more than 20 markets. Their focus is in areas such as asset management, commercial banking, classic trading on the stock and financial exchange, as well as in the field of blockchain technology.

Investment Plans

mirollex investment plans

Mirollex allows you to invest with the following currencies such as USD, ETH, and BTC. With each fiat or cryptocurrency comes different minimums that each plan offers.

Looking at USD Deposits, the smallest plan you can get started with is the Jackson (20 Days) plan. The minimum is $100 to get started. You can earn up to 1.50% daily only Monday through Friday. What makes this plan popular are the daily accruals. You can withdraw your profits at any time.

Though the Jackson plan is popular, it does not pay as much as the other plans such as Grant (30 Days), Franklin (40 Days), Crypto Trend (50 Days), Nakamoto (60 Days), and Freedom (80 Days). These plans require a higher minimum and you only can withdraw your profits at the end of the term.

Investing with Crypto is more expensive, but profitable. The Jackson Plan for Ethereum requires a minimum of 0.7 ETH, while Bitcoin requires a minimum of 0.025 BTC. As you can imagine, the minimum goes even higher for the other plans.

How to Invest with Mirollex

Getting started with Mirollex is simple. Once you are registered, you will need to fill out your withdrawal addresses for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can do that by clicking on the Settings option.

Click on Wallets and proceed to enter all the available wallet options you would like to receive payouts to. Next, you will want to make a deposit. Click on the Financial Operations tab, then click on Balance replenishment. Choose your funding source, enter the amount, then click on Refill Balance.

Once your payment is confirmed on the blockchain, you will head over to the Deposits tab. Select either USD, ETH, or BTC. Choose from one of the available plans, enter the amount, then click on Make an investment.

You are all set!

Affiliate Program

mirollex affiliate program

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 24.5% commissions on all referrals that make a deposit into Mirollex. That percentage will be determined by your ability to bring in a large number of serious investors.

When you signup, you will start at the Partner level which will give you 10% bonus commissions. The highest level available is the President level which will give you 24.5%.

If you are having trouble with acquiring referrals, check out our guide on how to get referrals so you can boost your earning potential on the Mirollex platform.

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