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Your complete guide to learning how to use and invest in Bitcoin. This website is for educational purposes only as we are not financial advisers.

Their are several ways to acquire Bitcoin. You can get Bitcoin from buying, trading, exchanging, mining, playing games, or using a faucet. When getting Bitcoin, you will essentially be obtaining Satoshis which are pieces of Bitcoin. 1 Bitcoin is 1.0 BTC. If the value of Bitcoin was at $10,000 USD, and you were to obtain $5,000 worth of Bitcoin, you will have 0.5 BTC. At $50 you would have 0.0050 BTC.

Bitcoin Wallets

Before you can do anything with Bitcoin, you first need to obtain a Bitcoin Wallet. A Bitcoin Wallet comes with a Wallet Address which will allow you to send and receive Bitcoin. Their are many Bitcoin Wallets online that you can obtain for free or you can purchase a hardware wallet off of Amazon.

Below are a list of Bitcoin Wallets you can use to store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

trust wallet
exodus wallet

Earn Bitcoin for Free

Now that you have your very own Bitcoin Wallet, it’s time to start sending some funds to it. There are plenty of websites online that provide you with ability to earn Bitcoin for free. Some of those methods involve taking mining with your computer, taking surveys, viewing websites, solving captcha, and playing games. You can also sign up to affiliate programs that provide you with a referral link, where you can earn commissions passively.

Below are posts that list websites that allow you to earn Bitcoin for Free.

Cudo Miner
nicehash 01b

Bitcoin ASIC Mining

If you are looking to be more hands on when it comes to earning Bitcoin, their is no better way than to setup your own mining operation with ASIC Miners. ASIC Miners allow you to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You connect your miner to a mining pool network, and every time a block is solved, you receive a reward in Bitcoin. The amount of Bitcoin you receive will depend on your hash-rate and how much work you put into solving a block. A few things to consider, ASIC Miners are electricity intensive and can raise your electric bill. Other factors include keeping your miner in a cool environment and dust free. Very important for the longevity of your mining operation.

Below are a list of ASIC Miners to consider for your Bitcoin mining.

bitmain antminer s21 200t

Antminer S21 200T

antminer s19k pro 120t

Antminer S19k Pro 120T

Antminer S17+

Antminer S17 Pro 90T

Buy Bitcoin

If doing daily tasks or mining is not your bag of tea, then you can just out right buy Bitcoin. You will be able to purchase Bitcoin and have it sent directly to your Wallet Address. Having your wallet funded will allow you to send Bitcoin to family & friends, make payments anywhere that accepts Bitcoin, and give you the ability to exchange Bitcoin into another cryptocurrencies. Another use for Bitcoin is to hold it or use those funds to invest into a service that gives you a profitable return.

Below is a list of places where you can Buy Bitcoin online.

Cashapp Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin & Crypto Exchange

Their are so many other digital currencies on the market that are growing in value every year. What better way to build your crypto portfolio by converting from Bitcoin. Other popular digital currencies that are used for transactions and services online are Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO, Monero, Dash, and more. The amount of digital coins you receive will depend on the value of that coin and Bitcoin during the exchange. For example, to obtain 1 Litecoin (LTC), you will have to sell or exchange 0.0063 Bitcoin (BTC). Each value is different and is constantly changing. Crypto Exchangers are also ideal for trading. You can either do the trade game with Bitcoin or you can do the trade game between
Bitcoin and another altcoin.

Below is a list of websites where you can exchange Bitcoin to another cryptocurrency.

MEXC Crypto Exchange
Probit Exchange

Withdrawing Bitcoin

Earning and trading Bitcoin sounds fun, but what happens when it’s time to withdraw those profits. Yes your funds are sent to your Bitcoin Wallet, but how do you turn it into physical cash? Their are a few ways to withdraw Bitcoin and change it into fiat spending money. You can withdraw your funds directly to your bank account, load Bitcoin onto a crypto debit card, or you can go to a Bitcoin ATM to withdraw your profits from there.

Below is a list of websites that allow you to withdraw and spend your profits.

Cashapp Buy Bitcoin
fold app1