Sweatcoin Review – The App That Pays You To Walk

sweatcoin review the app that pays you to walk

An app that pays you to be healthy, what a concept that is. Its so easy to use, that you can do it anywhere at anytime. Do you have to walk to the bathroom? Your getting paid. Need to take the dog for a walk? Your getting paid. Have to walk to your car? Guess what, you are getting paid!

Standard Pedometers and activity trackers only count your steps. With Sweatcoin, the game has been completely changed. Not only are you able to count your steps and track your fitness, but you will also get rewarded to do so.


Type of Rewards You Can Earn

sweatcoin offersAs you continue to be active on a daily bases, you will be earning Sweatcoins. Obviously the more you walk, the faster you will earn. Your Sweat Equity literally turns into coins that can be used to purchase high quality products and merchandise from partners affiliated with Sweatcoin.

Depending on the amount of Sweatcoins you earn, you can get huge discounts off of the retail value. Some of the products you will be able to purchase with Sweatcoins are electronics, home appliances, clothes, merchandise, health accessories, and more.

Imagine buying the latest iPhone or a 60 inch television, all be because of your commitment to staying active. All of that is possible with Sweatcoin.


Can You Turn Your Sweatcoins Into Cash?

become an influencer

Sweatcoin has an amazing Influencer Program that allows you to invite your friends by sharing your unique referral link. Once you have reached 30 or more referrals, you officially become an influencer. Then, you will have the option to convert your earnings into actual cash. The payment method that Sweatcoin offers for withdrawals is PayPal.


Is Sweatcoin Safe and Secure?

Sweatcoin states that your privacy is their top priority. You can rest assure that your data will not be placed for sale to any third party.


How To Get Started Using Sweatcoin

sweatcoin appSweatcoin is installed and used on your mobile phone. You can download Sweatcoin from the Apple or Google Play app store. Once you have the app downloaded and installed, create a unique username. The username you choose will be visible in the referral link that you share with family and friends.

The next step is a literal one, begin walking anywhere and watch those steps start adding up. The more you walk, the more you earn. You must have your phone in your possession so that the app can count all of the steps you are taking.

Lastly, visit the shopping tab on the mobile app to see all the amazing products and offers you can potentially buy. Their is a large selection of goodies to choose from that you will find useful in the health & fitness, electronics, and home appliance categories.


Can You Earn While Cycling?

The algorithm in the Sweatcoin app is not built to accurately count movement from cycling as steps. But, their are many instances where steps are counted. Your phone must be on you, preferably in your pocket. If you are wearing pants your front and back pockets should be fine. If you wear shorts, pockets that are secure is recommended.


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