Best Bitcoin Debit Cards – Turn Crypto Into Cash or Spending Money

Bitcoin Debit Cards

One of the major points of cryptocurrencies is to move away from fiat currencies such as the pound or dollar. But for those who earn crypto through mining or trading and want to convert their profits into spending money, then a Bitcoin debit card is what you are looking for.

A debit card that allows you to convert your crypto into tangles dollars allow you to make purchases online or in-stores just like a regular debit card. Depending on the issuing company, you may also make ATM withdrawals or ACH Debits. You have the ability to not only use a debit card, but to have physical cash in your hands.

As Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continue take a foot hold in the financial market and state-of-mine of all individuals, more debit cards and other ways of converting digital assets into fiat currency will emerge.

Bitcoin Debit Card Companies

Below is a list of companies that provide debit cards for users looking to convert their digital income into spending cash. Each company has it’s strong points and features that will fit an individuals preference.

fold app card

Fold App Card

The Fold App Card is a revolutionary digital payment card that aims to bridge the gap between traditional fiat currency and Bitcoin. It offers users the opportunity to earn Bitcoin rewards on their everyday purchases, making it an attractive option for both Bitcoin enthusiasts and those new to the cryptocurrency world.

The Fold App Card seamlessly integrates with existing payment systems, allowing users to link their debit or credit cards to the app. This means that users can continue to use their preferred payment methods while also earning Bitcoin rewards. When making a purchase at participating merchants, users earn a percentage of their purchase back in Bitcoin. This incentivizes users to spend and earn Bitcoin, effectively integrating the cryptocurrency into their daily lives.

The earned Bitcoin can be stored in the Fold App wallet, which provides a secure and user-friendly interface for managing and storing cryptocurrency. Alternatively, users can transfer their earned Bitcoin to an external wallet of their choice.

One of the key goals of the Fold App Card is to make Bitcoin more accessible and mainstream. By offering Bitcoin rewards on everyday purchases, the app encourages users to explore and engage with the world of cryptocurrency. This not only helps to increase adoption and awareness of Bitcoin but also provides users with a tangible benefit for using the Fold App Card.

In addition to earning Bitcoin rewards, the Fold App Card also offers users the ability to spend their Bitcoin at participating merchants. This means that users can use their earned Bitcoin to make purchases, further integrating the cryptocurrency into their daily lives.

Overall, the Fold App Card is an innovative and user-friendly solution that aims to make Bitcoin more accessible and mainstream. By offering Bitcoin rewards on everyday purchases, it provides users with a tangible benefit for engaging with the world of cryptocurrency.

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  • Digital Assets: BTC
  • Free Card Plan and Premium Card Plan
  • Daily Spin Wheel to earn Free BTC
  • Bank Deposits and Transfers
  • ATM Withdrawals

Signup and Download the Fold App Here

Bitpay Bitcoin Debit Card


Bitpay is a company that provides services for businesses and individuals looking to accept payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. To start, you have the option of signing up as a business or as an individual user. When you sign-up you will be offered a Bitpay Prepaid Debit Card and a Bitpay account that allows you to convert Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash into money that can be used on your debit card.

Bitpay has recently re-enabled ATM withdrawals which is excellent for individuals looking for quick cash in a moments notice. Converting from crypto to cash is very easy. In your Bitpay account you simply select your debit card and put the amount of Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash you would like to convert. Once your account is funded, you are free to use your debit card anywhere where Visa is accepted.

Notable features of this card is that their are no minimum balances needed to keep your card active. Refill your card anytime be sending crypto to your digital wallet on your Bitpay account. Convert your digital coins into cash by transferring them over to your debit card, and now your all set. ACH Debit is also enabled with your debit card. Bitpay provides you with a account number and routing number. You can send and receive cash between any bank account around the world.


  • Digital Assets: BTC, BCH, ETH
  • Debit Card issued after payment of $9.95 upon sign-up
  • ATM Withdrawals
  • ACH Bank Transfers

Sign-up with Bitpay today to get started.
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One of the largest money sending apps in the United States is none other than Cashapp. With the ability to send and receive money from family, friends, and business associates, no wonder why it has become so popular. Cashapp also adds the social element which incorporates usernames and profile images.

One of the defining features of Cashapp is the debit card they provide you. You can instantly use the profits you receive for in-store and online purchases. While cash is still king, Cashapp allows you to Buy and Sell Bitcoin. You can purchase Bitcoin with a click of a button through the mobile app. If you don’t want to spend a dime, convert your earnings (money sent to you) into Bitcoin.

Buying and Selling Bitcoin is enabled by default when you sign-up for Cashapp. This means right out of the gate, once you receive your Cashapp Debit Card, you can instantly purchase Bitcoin, convert it into Cash, then spend that cash with your Debit Card. When you verify your Cashapp account with a valid identity card, you receive a Bitcoin Wallet Address. Send your profits to your Cashapp Bitcoin Wallet, convert to cash, and spend those earning as well.

The number of features continue to grow with this popular app. Other banking apps are taking notice and may jump aboard the crypto train soon.


  • Digital Assets: Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Buy / Sell Bitcoin
  • Send / Receive Bitcoin
  • Withdraw to External Wallet Address
  • Withdraw to Bank Account (Convert to Cash 1st)
  • ATM Withdrawals (Convert to Cash 1st)

Sign-up with Cashapp here.


With the growing popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it was a no brainer for companies and financial institutions to discover ways for users to convert their digital assets into fiat currency. Debit Card’s are used by everyone and can be used almost everywhere for online purchases and in-stores.

If you are an individual who earns or generates cryptocurrency by ASIC Mining, Cloud Mining, or Crypto Trading, and want to be able to spend those profits anywhere around the world, then now you can. You no longer have to send your profits to your bank account and wait 5 to 7 business days to see your funds. You can instantly with a Debit Card.

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