Coinseed – Invest Your Spare Change (Acorns Alternative)

Coinseed Crypto Cash Backs

Most people don’t get into investing because of their limited knowledge on the subject. Some people believe that investing requires hard work and lots of money to begin. We are here to tell you that investing is not as complicated as you think. One service that allows you to invest into the cryptocurrency market with ease is Coinseed.

How Does Coinseed Work

Coinseed allows you to re-invest your spare-change automatically into a portfolio that you can create with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Simply, you earn crypto cash back on purchases you make online or offline in stores. This service works similar to another investing app called Acorns where you can invest your spare-change (cash) into Stocks and have funds automatically transfer into a savings account. The difference between Coinseed and Acorns is that, your spare-change (cash) converts in cryptocurrencies.

When you are out shopping or making small purchases online or at your local store, your spare-change get’s rounded up to the nearest dollar and automatically get’s invested into your Coinseed account. You have the option to setup recurring investments where you can automatically fund your Coinseed account. You can have $50 dollars deposited in your Coinseed amount every month or you can make one-time payments instead anytime. This is all done by signing up and connecting to your bank account.

What also makes Coinseed a great choice is that they offer Cash Back in Crypto from various stores. You can get Cash Backs from stores like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and more. Once you are logged into your account, you will see all the stores supported by Coinseed. Shopping while receiving cash rebates will give you more bang for your buck. With Coinseed, everything is on auto-pilot. Because your investing only micro-amounts of money at a time, you will hardly notice any deficiency in your bank account.

Another great feature on Coinseed is their Social Network. You can create a profile and join the community and optionally share your activity. The community aspect is not only fun but motivating. You get to see how others are building their portfolios and profiting from the program. Join in on weekly tournaments that allow you to enter simulation trading where you can win big money.

How To Get Started

First you will have to download the mobile app on the Apple Store or Google Play store. After signing up, you then can choose from three plans. After selecting a plan, you will be required to fill out your profile information and then connect a bank account. Once your bank account is connected, you then can enjoy building your crypto portfolio on auto-pilot. Below are the plans offered on Coinseed.

Coinseed Play (Free)

  • This plan allows you to test the program with “play money” where you can invest and participate in trading tournaments.

Coinseed Welcome (First Month Free)

  • Test the program out further after verifying your account. Once approved, you can start using all the features in the program for free in your first month.

Coinseed ($1.00/month)

  • This plan get’s you right into the program. With your connected bank account, start growing your coins and enjoying your crypto investments.

Highlighted Features

  • Crypto Cashback
  • Crypto Portfolio
  • Spare-change Roundups
  • Recurring Investments
  • One-Time Investments
  • Auto-rebalance
  • Social Network
  • Weekly Tournaments


This program is widely popular and is the crypto alternative to the already successful spare change investing platform Acorns. Acorns is similar to Coinseed, but only focuses on cash investments. Once Acorns adds the option to turn dollars into crypto investments, that’s when the actual competition will begin. Until then, Coinseed is where you want to go. Sign-up with Coinseed today!

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