How To Find a Bitcoin ATM Near Me

How To Find A Bitcoin Atm Near Me

If you are looking for alternative way to purchase or withdraw Bitcoin, using an ATM that is near you may be the way to go. The popular way of buying and selling Bitcoin at the moment is through online services, but when it comes to cash withdrawals, that may take a long time. Typically, transfers to a bank account may take 3 to 4 business days. That is not helpful, especially if you need cash right on the spot.

The fastest way at the moment of converting Bitcoin into Cash and withdrawing it is by finding a local ATM near you. With an ATM, not only are you able to withdraw cash, but you will able to make deposits which will convert your cash into Bitcoin. This will allow you to then store your Bitcoin on a hardware wallet or later an online wallet using a your ATM Receipt.

When using a Bitcoin ATM, these are all the following that can be accomplished:

  • Buying Bitcoins using Cash
  • Selling Bitcoins for Cash
  • Withdrawing Bitcoins on a ATM Receipt
  • Buying Bitcoins directly onto a Hardware Wallet.

Finding a Bitcoin ATM

One website that we recommend visiting to search for Bitcoin ATM’s near you is none other than Coin ATM Radar. Coin ATM Radar is very simple to use, visit the website, and head to the section that says Bitcoin ATM Map. Here you will enter your address in the search bar and then the map will bring up all of the ATMs near you.

Bitcoin Atm Map

Because of the immense popularity of cryptocurrencies, you are able to search for other ATMs that allow you to Buy and Sell altcoins as well as Bitcoin. Coin ATM Radar currently shows ATM’s for the following digital coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, and Dogecoin. You can consider these cryptos as the major players in the cryptocurrency space.

You can also head over to the the Google Play or Apple App Store to download an app that will allow you to use the Bitcoin ATM Map right from your mobile device.


Bitcoin ATM’s are a convenient way of Buying and Selling Bitcoin without going through online services such as Coinbase. Bitcoin ATM’s allow you to withdraw cash by Selling Bitcoin at the current market value of time and store it on a ATM Receipt or directly onto a Hardware Wallet. As Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies gain a dominate position in our world, more ATM’s including Seven Eleven and Bank’s will join and offer those services. It’s just a matter of time before that happens.

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