How To Get Bitcoin With Your Computer (CPU/GPU)

How To Get Bitcoin With Your Computer

With the surge of Bitcoin, finding ways to acquire it may be difficult for some. You can outright buy a Bitcoin if you have the money or you can go the mining route by purchasing your own equipment. But that requires maintenance, temperature control, electricity, and other expenses. Another option you can go with could be cloud mining. Some prefer not to because you are putting others in control of your investment.

What has continued to grow in popularity as Bitcoin continues to gain more traction is mining with your computer. Though mining Bitcoin with your computer won’t replace the speed and efficiency of an ASIC miner, mining with your computer can be convenient, safe, and in your control at all times. Whether you have an old or new computer, you can put it to work to generate a profit for yourself. Computers draw less electricity than ASIC miners and are not noisy. The plus is it will require less maintenance.

What determines how much profit you can generate with your computer is your processing power and graphic card. If your computer operates with less than an i5 Intel Processor, don’t expect big profits. Computer’s with standard onboard graphic cards won’t benefit much from mining either. You will want to have a strong Nvidia or AMD graphic card installed which will contribute to faster mining of Bitcoin.

A few things to take notice of before mining with your computer, anti-virus software will pick them up as viruses. The reason for this is because there are a lot of malicious scripts over the web that install mining scripts into a user’s computer without permission. Many hackers use this method to steal a computer’s processing power to generate Bitcoin. To avoid your apps from being blocked by your anti-virus software, simply add the program folder into your safe-list, ignore list, or exception list.

If you are looking for ways to generate Bitcoin with your computer, we provide a list of companies that offer software that you can install on your computer to get started.

Cryptotab Browser

CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab is an app that allows you to mine Bitcoin using your web browser. CryptoTab has made it easy for millions of people around the world to generate Bitcoin using their computers and mobile devices.

CryptoTab is a fast and lightweight web browser that is easy to install. Once it’s installed on your device, you can begin mining with your computers processing popular right away. CryptoTab also allows you to browse the internet while mining Bitcoin. You can use CryptoTab just like a Google Chrome web browser.

The highlight of CryptoTab is its referral program. The more people you invite to the program, the more you earn. CryptoTab provides multiple down-lines so as new users join your network, your profits expand. This is one of the best ways to receive a passive income.

Learn more or get started using CryptoTab today!

Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner is a crypto mining platform that is similar to MinerGate. Cudo Miner provides you with software that gets downloaded to your computer for mining Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Cudo Miner provides the user with an automated mining solution that focuses on the highest-earning profitability for you.

Cudo Miner not only provides you with a desktop mining program but also a Web Console for monitoring your mining activity. They also offer you a comprehensive guide to ensure that you are mining effectively for greater profits.

One of the main features of Cudo Miner is their automatic algorithm switching which ensures that you are always mining the most profitable coin. The app will mine between Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, and more. Like MinerGate, Cudo Miner uses both the power of your GPU and CPU concurrently.

If you use your computer daily, Cudo Miner will kick start only when your computer is idle. Gain even more passive profits by referring people to the Cudo Miner program.

Learn more or get started using Cudo Miner today!

honeyminer bitcoin mining


Honeyminer is another Bitcoin mining software that allows you to use the power and resources from your existing computer to earn Bitcoin.

Mining has never been so easy with Honeyminer. All you have to do is download and install the software. After that you let Honeyminer determine the performance and power of your computer. Once benchmarking is done, you will instantly start earning Bitcoin.

Honeyminer relies on both your CPU and GPU power in order to earn much faster. So that means if you don’t have a powerful GPU, your mining performance will solely rely on the speed of your CPU.

Typically you will want to have a high-performance graphic card and an i5 / i7 intel or AMD Ryzen 7 / 9 processor┬áto run this software. If you don’t have those specifications, no need to worry. You will still earn Bitcoin. Honeyminer also works on Mac computers!

The best way to earn faster without solely relying on the performance of your computer is by referring people to the program. Share your referral link have people join your network. Achieving a passive income has never been this easy.

Check out our How To Get Referrals Guide so that you can earn greater profits.




Computta is a lightweight and easy-to-install computer mining program that allows you to generate Bitcoin passively. The idea for Computta is to dust off your collection of old computers and to put them to work.

Just like MinerGate and Cudo Miner, Computta generates Bitcoin using the mining power from your CPU and GPU. The faster that your computer runs, the more profits you will see in return. Computta has 4 mining modes that it runs on, 100% full throttle, 90%, 50%, and Smart.

If you are only using your computer for mining, 100% is the way to go. Smart mode is perfect for those who still want to use their computer will mine. Once your computer goes idle, your mining power will automatically increase.

Computta offers a comprehensive referral program that will allow you to earn even more profits. The more people that join your downline, the more of a return you will see.

Not Paying


Bitcoin mining with your computer has exploded in popularity because it’s a unique and easy way to generate a passive income. Computer mining is less expensive and much easier to get started versus the traditional ASIC mining setups. With one of the software listed above, you can earn a passive income by mining Bitcoin and growing your referrals.

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