Bxen.io Review – Bitcoin Faucet & Automated Trading (NOT PAYING)

Bxen Review - Bitcoin Faucet & Automated Trading Bots

Update – Bxen website and services are no longer running. This was a great project at the start that had a lot of potential if stayed legit, but ended up exit scamming with peoples profits. Always remember in any platform to only invest what you can afford to lose.

Online Bitcoin Faucets and mining websites come and go. One company has taken Bitcoin investing to another level and that’s Bxen.io. Bxen is an automated trading platform that utilizes arbitrage trading to give you maximum profits.

Using Bxen Bitcoin Faucet

With Bxen, you can instantly get started collecting Bitcoin by using their free Bitcoin Faucet that runs hourly. On every hour, you collect satoshis (micro Bitcoin). This faucet runs for an unlimited amount of time. That means you can collect as much as you want.

Your profits doesn’t start their, to fully take advantage of the Bxen system, you want to invest in their automated trading bots. You get to invest in up-to 3 bots which can run independently from each other, but all fill your profit wallet the same.

Using Bxen Automated Trading Bots

The amount you invest in your trading bots will determine how much free Bitcoin you can receive from the hourly faucet. For example, if you choose not to invest in any bots and just want to profit from the faucet, your hourly payout will be anywhere between 0.00000001 btc to 0.00000040 btc. If you were to invest at least 0.01 btc into the system, you can see your free Bitcoin faucet rise to 0.00000200 btc to 0.00000500 btc. That number get’s higher the more you invest.

You can choose upto 3 automated bots: Alan Turing which runs for 24 hours and gives you a 3% profit of your investment. Isaac Newton gives you a 23% profit after 30 days, profits from this plan is released in your wallet hourly. The last available plan is the Albert Einstein plan which gives you 29% profit and can be released into your wallet after 30 days.

Out of the 3 available bots, you are only allowed to have 3 running at the moment. This is to ensure that the system runs smoothly for every user in the network.

Bxen Bots

Withdrawing Profits

Unlike other platforms where you are forced to wait 24 hours or a week to withdraw your profits, Bxen allows you to withdraw instantly. To withdraw your Bitcoin, simply meet the minimum payout of 0.0005 btc. Once you have reach that amount, input your Bitcoin Wallet Address in the field and click on the Withdraw button.

Take note that the transfer fee of 0.0005 btc is the same as the withdrawal limit, so essentially, you will want to generate a profit of at least 0.001 btc or more before you make your first withdrawal.

Referral System

Their reference system also known as the Referral System will reward you for sharing your referral link with family, friends, or people you fill will be a great fit for this program. Bxen rewards you 10% from your referral sign-ups and gives you 30% of their earnings. With a network of 1000+ referrals under your belt, you can expect to have a decent passive income stream while you sleep.


Bxen.io takes Bitcoin Faucets to the next level by providing you with automated trading bots and free Bitcoin together. This system looks like it was built for you to succeed and gain maximum profits. Join the growing network of users before the system hits critical and start profiting with Bxen.io today!

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