How To Get Referrals For Any Crypto Affiliate Program

How To Get Referrals

Getting referrals is the essential part of any affiliate program or network to bringing in a passive income. If you have signed up for any Bitcoin service online, and they provide you with a affiliate link, it’s important for you to share that link to potentially gain additional profits.

For example, one Bitcoin program that relies solely on referrals is Cryptotab. Cryptotab earns you Bitcoin by mining with your web browser. Seems simple enough, but that’s not how you will earn the bulk of your profits. Your goal with a program like Cryptotab is to get as many people on your team as possible. Having over 1000 or more “workers” or referrals is your goal to earn effectively.

Below are a list of methods that we recommend for you to user to start growing your down lines in any referral program.

Free Traffic Exchanges for Referrals

A simple way to get the attention of a new audience is by displaying your video or direct affiliate link on traffic exchange websites. How traffic exchanges work is, you view someones website or video to earn credits. The credits you received than can be converted into views that you can receive on your video or affiliate link.

You will want to make sure that you have enough credits to keep your affiliate link or video active on the exchange. New viewers emerge everyday, and people who have seen your link or video long enough can potentially become a new referral. This exchange traffic will give a little results, but it’s still worth a try when promoting any website, video, or service.

Below is a list of traffic exchange websites you can sign-up to for free.

Link Collider

Link Collider is a platform that allows it’s users to promote any link, website, social profile, or video on their platform. Their main feature on the platform is free web traffic. Other features include social shares and back-links. Social shares and back-links along side the web traffic option are good for YouTube video promotion. Social shares and web traffic combination will work best for affiliate links.

Link Collider’s free plan allow up to 5 links to be promoted. You gain credits for free by surfing websites on the platform or performing social media activities. Their premium plans allow for additional features such as more link slots, bonus credits every month for promotion, auto back-link generator, and controlling the amount of clicks or views to any of your links.

Sign-up to Link Collider here.

Easy Hits 4 U

Easy Hits 4 U is another another popular platform that allows you to promote any link, social profile, website, or video. You receive credits by conducting a variety of tasks such as viewing websites, performing an action (like, share, subscribe) on videos, social profiles, and channels. With a accumulated amount of credits, you can promote any video or affiliate link you want.

The platform offers a variety of ways to promote your video or links such as website traffic, web banners, text banners, and social promotions. Feel free to use pre-existing web banners from your affiliate program. Saves you time and energy from creating one from scratch. Experiment by trying all traffic methods and stick to the ones that are giving the most conversions.

Sign-up to Easy Hits 4 U here.

Add Me Fast

Add Me Fast is a platform that makes it easier to boost any social profile or social link. They focus on social media first which is great for any video or social profile you have that promotes any of your affiliate links. Promote any social profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube all at once. They also allow you to get free web traffic to any link that you provide.

Add Me Fast allows you to control how often a day your links get clicked on. This is helpful if you don’t want your entire campaign to exhaust all of your credits. Easy reload your credits by doing social activities or viewings websites and videos. They also offer the option for purchasing credit packs if you don’t want to manually earn credits. You can subscribe to one of their recurring packages to keep you account funded.

Sign-up to Add Me Fast here.

Ad Networks for Referrals

Ad networks are considered paid promotions. You create a campaign that will promote your affiliate link or video. Depending on the Ad Network, you have the option of choosing from direct link traffic, pop-up traffic, pop-under traffic, notification traffic, and web banner traffic. Traffic from ad networks or more targeted and give you a higher probability of converting that visitor into a referral.

Below are a list of Ad Networks that you can use to get traffic to your affiliate link or video.

Adfly is a short url service that displays websites to users for a set time period before taking the visitor to their destination. For example, if I want people to visit, I can turn that into a short link. When that person clicks on the short link, before being taken to, they have to see your website or affiliate link first. That viewing time could be anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds. In that period of time, the user has the chance of signing up to your affiliate link or downloading a program.

Adfly has been very effective with programs like CryptoTab.  Adfly has affordable pricing and clicks start as low as 0.01 per click. The minimum cost per campaign is $5.00.  They offer the following types of ads you can use to promote your links: Interstitial Ads, Banner Ads, and Pop Ads. Experiment will all 3 methods to see which campaign is effective at getting your conversions.

Sign-up to Adfly here.

Clix Coin

Clix Coin is an advertisement network mainly for cryptocurrencies. That means you will be receiving targeted traffic to your affiliate links. Their program offers visitors the ability to earn pieces of Bitcoin (satoshis) for viewing websites. At one point in time, you were able to convert those satoshis into free viewing credits. Because that is no longer a feature, you as an advertiser have to first deposit some Bitcoin into the account before you can use their advertising features.

Clix Coin offers the following ad methods to get you traffic to your affiliate links. Those methods are as follows: Surf Ads, Active Window Ads, Auto Surf Ads, and Paid to Promote Ads. Each ad method has their own strengths, it’s recommended that you experiment with all four methods. Which ever campaign gives you the best conversions is the campaign that you add more credits to. Visitors will be able to view your affiliate link for a duration between 5 to 200 seconds.  Cost-per-click (CPC) starts at 5 satoshis.

Sign-up to Clix Coin here.


AdBTC is a network that allows you to send targeted crypto traffic to any of your affiliate links. The platform allows you earn satoshis for free by viewing other peoples websites. When you have accumulated enough satoshis, you can send your satoshis to your advertisement balance. Now you can fund your campaign(s) and get targeted traffic to the link you want to promote. Something important to remember, by just viewing websites, it can take a while to build up enough satoshis to promote your affiliate links.

If the free way of earning satoshis or credits is not enough, then you can simply fund your account with more pieces of Bitcoin (satoshis). It’s 10 satoshis per click for 15 seconds, so if you are looking for over 1000 clicks per link, you will want to deposit at least 10000 satoshis which is 0.0001 btc. Create a campaign using one or more of the following ad methods: Surf Ads, Active Window Surfing, and Autosurfing.

Sign-up to AdBTC here.

YouTube for Referrals

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine right after Google. People are constantly looking for more information on how to improve or profit from any online program they are using. We will explore how to leverage YouTube for gaining you the referral traffic you need.

Creating Your Video

The best way to earn referrals is by creating a YouTube video. In this video, you will want to give a brief summary of the program, then talk about your current experiences, talking about all the pros and cons. The more information you provide, the better. Don’t worry about making a professional quality video if your new to creating one, just focus on creating quality content that educates the viewer.

It’s very important for your video title to include the name of the program. In the description box, make sure you place your affiliate link at the top. Below that, include any more detailed information of the program. The more information in that box, the better search results you can potentially receive.  When creating your video, make sure to let your audience know to sign-up using your affiliate link in the description box.

Another important part of creating a video is filling out the tag box. Include as many keywords as YouTube allows you to use. All the tags/keywords should relate entirely to the program you are promoting.

Promoting Your Video

Once your video is created and published on YouTube, feel free to share that video across all social media platforms. You can send your videos to family and friends via text message or email. The more you do this, the higher chances of your video to potentially pick up traction. Posting your video on related forums and blogs will also help your chances to getting new viewers to your video. If your lucky enough, your video can potentially go viral bringing lots of traffic to your affiliate link.


Their are a variety of methods that you can choose from to generating referrals to any affiliate program. You can use free promotion, paid promotion, or a combination of both. The amount of referrals you receive will help increase your earning potential. Crypto programs like CryptoTab depend on a large network of referrals to be profitable. You will want to build a network of referrals that will allow you to earn passively.

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