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Coin Open Review

Update: This website is no longer paying it’s customers. To check on other Bitcoin Faucets or other paying programs, click here.

Earning free Bitcoin has gotten a bit easier and more fun to do with a website called Coin Open. They provide you with the ability to earn Bitcoin for free using their hourly faucet. Out of all the Bitcoin Faucets online, Coin Open generates the highest amount of BTC per hour. Competitors will allow you to generate between 20 and 60 satoshis per hour, while Coin Open gives you the opportunity of generating between 600 and 700 satoshis.


Using the Bitcoin Faucet

The Bitcoin Faucet will allow you to earn a large amount of BTC per hour. This is achieved by solving a captcha box. When the 60 minute timer runs out, you click on the check-mark box in the captcha form, then click on the “Roll” button. This will start the spinner giving you a chance to win up to six levels of BTC in that hour.

Below are the levels that Coin Open offers in their faucet spinner. Also note that the BTC rewards always change and are not static. In one hour, level 1 prize could be 671 satoshis while in the next hour it can go-to 612 satoshis or even 750 satoshis.


  1. Getting a number between 0 – 9885 will give you a reward of 0.00000671 BTC
  2. Getting a number between 9886 – 9985 will give you a reward of 0.00006711 BTC
  3. Getting a number between 9986 – 9993 will give you a reward of 0.00067114 BTC
  4. Getting a number between 9994 – 9997 will give you a reward of 0.00671139 BTC
  5. Getting a number between 9998 – 9999 will give you a reward of 0.06711388 BTC
  6. Getting the exact number of 10000 will give you a reward of 0.67113878 BTC


Earnings From Affiliate Commissions

Coin Open provides you with other ways to earn additional BTC on their platform. One of thier earning features is from their affiliate program that allows you to earn a commission from users who use the Bitcoin faucet on the platform. You will earn upto 50% of free BTC every time a person in your down-line receives Bitcoin from the faucet. If one of the members clicks hits reward level 6, you will get 50% of their earnings.

Increase your down-line for a chance to generate passive income without having to do any of the hourly free spins. A down-line of 1000 or more will get you a nice daily return. Coin Open provides you with promotional materials to share on social media or other web related platforms to increase your down-line.

To be able to withdraw your referral earnings, you must have at least 20 registered people in your down-line.


Earning from Bitcoin Games

Want a chance to earn even more Bitcoin? Coin Open offers two games called Coins and Jackpot that give you the opportunity winning more BTC. To get started, you must have a Facebook account. Without one, the game section of this website will not work. You can still earn from the hourly faucet while you play the games. Doing both will keep your account funded.


Coins works by placing a wager from your Bitcoin balance. You select a coin value game that you would like to participate in. Take the Newbie game for example. You can win anywhere between 0.00001 to 0.0001 btc. To win that you must first wager 0.0001 btc to play. You have the opportunity to increase chances of winning applying 10%, 20%, or 30% option. When ready, start the spinner and whatever the coin lands on, you win that value.

You either use the earning from the free faucet to enter this game or deposit some Bitcoin. They offer games where you can win up-to 1 Bitcoin. Make sure to enter at your own risk.


Jackpot is another game where you place a wager for a chance to win some Bitcoin. You are also going up against other users on the platform. You simply place a bet by clicking on the Place Bet button. Select a value you would like to wager, then click on the Make A Deposit button. The higher the amount you choose the wager, the better your chance of winning. The game starts when 50 coins have been selected or when the entry timer runs out.



Coin Open is easy to use platform for generating Bitcoin. Their free Bitcoin faucet offers one of the highest payout rates online. Coupled with their 50% commission affiliate program and games, earning Bitcoin online has never been this easy. Be sure to have a Bitcoin Wallet to withdraw your earning from the platform.

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