Bitcoin & Crypto HYIP / Cloud Mining / Investment Scam or Paying Monitor

Bitcoin Hyip Cloud Mining Monitor

Below is a list of Bitcoin investment websites. Most of these websites allow you to invest in other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Doge, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and more. A few of these websites have been around for a long time and have a good reputation for paying its investors.

But always remember, every platform listed below has the potential to “exit scam” or stop paying at any given moment. Invest at your own risk and do not invest what you can’t afford to lose. We are not financial advisors.

** Check back often as this list is always being updated! **
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HYIP & Legacy Platforms (HIGH RISK)

Computer Mining (NO RISK)

Faucets, Tasks, Miners, Staking (NO RISK)

  • CryptoTab Browser | Visit Site (Paying – BTC)
  • DogeTrix | Visit Site (Paying – DOGE)
  • DogeCoin Click Bot | Visit Chat (Telegram) (Paying – DOGE) 
  • Fire Faucet | Visit Site (Paying – BTC, DOGE, ETH)
  • Sweatcoin | Download App (Paying – USD, Gifts/Rewards)

Cloud Mining (HIGH RISK)

  • Dualmine | Visit Site (Paying) (Cashout in BTC & CRT Only) (LOW PAYOUT)
  • ECOS Mining | Visit Site (Paying)

Smart Contracts / Staking

Games (LOW RISK)

78 Replies to “Bitcoin & Crypto HYIP / Cloud Mining / Investment Scam or Paying Monitor

    1. Out of your whole list, Coinscola is paying. But that looks like it will stop eventually. HYIPs are high risk for a reason, they will stop paying you at any time.

  1. BtcInstant is not paying! Each time you want to withdraw they say you have to confirm your account or IP address by paying into the higher % plans, and then they still do not pay out! They steal your money!
    BIG SCAM!!!!!

    1. Theirs a big chance that this platform will not run for long or stop paying. The company says it started in 2016, but the domain name was purchased in 2020. Invest at your own risk.

  2. Is CRYPTO SUPPORT a scam? They claim to have ‘recovered’ some BTC’s for me after I accidentally typed in the letter ‘v’ after my wallet address. They claim that the new wallet (with the letter ‘v’ added to my existing one) was by ‘some miracle’ not in use yet. As said they further claim to have recovered it but I need to deposit an extra 30% in BTC in order to ‘verify and activate this wallet’. I think I smell a rat…
    Am I right?

    1. Any platform or service that asks you for “more money” in order to withdraw your profits is 95% likely a scam. When you send the money, they will either ban your account, ignore your requests, or ask for more money (because something “went wrong” with your transaction).

  3. is niechash good? juat found out about this today, after cleaning up a lot of scam and fake mining sites.

  4. hello. I noticed that you still have almost the same list of websites that are paying. Are you still updating your list? I follow your page whenever I wanted to make a new investment in one of those on the low-medium risks.

    Also, does the website pay?

    1. At this very moment, everything on this list is paying.

      Always do your own due diligence and remember that any of these platforms can stop paying at any time.

      1. understood. i was just asking since it seemed not to changed for months now, nor are there any new sites you add to it or try. but now i saw some websites removed.

  5. Érdeklődni szeretnék hogy a Server Mining fizet e ? Tud e róla valaki valamit nekem kb 3.5 éve dolgozik a telefonon 2x visszavonták több mint 1 bitcoint összesen de idegen címre utalta.Elérhetőség ? Megbizhatósàg ? Vàlaszt köszönöm.

    1. Szia, nem vagyunk biztosak abban, hogy a Server Mining jogos platform -e vagy sem. Ha valaki elvitte a Bitcoinját, akkor talán feltörték a telefonját? Vegye fel a kapcsolatot az ügyfélszolgálattal, és nézze meg, mit tudnak mondani erről.

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