Worldcoin (WLD): A Revolutionary Cryptocurrency for a Global Identity and Financial Network

worldcoin wld coin 2024

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, Worldcoin (WLD) stands out as a groundbreaking project with a mission to create a globally inclusive identity and financial network. With its innovative approach to proof of personhood and privacy-preserving digital identity network, Worldcoin aims to revolutionize the way we transact, interact, and govern online. In this article, we will explore the key features and potential applications of Worldcoin, with a special focus on how it can be purchased using the MEXC Exchange.

Worldcoin: A New Identity and Financial Network

Worldcoin was founded with the vision of empowering the majority of humanity by providing them with a globally-inclusive identity and financial network. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Worldcoin aims to increase economic opportunities, establish a reliable solution for distinguishing humans from AI online while preserving privacy, enable global democratic processes, and even pave the way for AI-funded Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Proof of Personhood (PoP)

At the core of Worldcoin’s identity network is the concept of “proof of personhood” (PoP). This refers to the ability to establish an individual as both human and unique, without revealing their real-world identity. PoP is crucial for various online activities, such as voting, distributing value on a large scale, and combating the increasing threat of AI-powered bots. Worldcoin’s World ID, built on PoP, aims to become a global standard for verifying humanness and uniqueness.

Technical Implementation

World ID, the privacy-preserving proof of personhood network, is built on the Worldcoin protocol. To ensure privacy, World ID utilizes zero-knowledge proofs and a custom biometric device called the Orb. The Orb, designed specifically for issuing AI-safe proof of personhood verifications, uses multispectral sensors to verify humanness and uniqueness. World ID credentials are issued on the Worldcoin protocol, allowing individuals to prove their humanity to any verifier while maintaining their privacy.

Advancing Decentralization

Worldcoin’s token, WLD, plays a crucial role in advancing the network’s decentralization. By issuing tokens to all network participants, Worldcoin aligns its incentives around the growth of the network. This early distribution of tokens helps bootstrap the network and overcome the “cold start problem.” As the network expands, useful applications built on top of the financial and identity infrastructure will further enhance the network effects.

Potential Applications

Worldcoin has the potential to significantly increase equality of opportunity globally by providing universally-accessible decentralized financial and identity infrastructure. Some potential applications of Worldcoin include:

  1. Finance: Worldcoin enables near-instant and borderless transactions, connecting people financially on a global scale. It offers a safer alternative to cash, facilitates cross-border financial transactions during crises, and allows individuals to directly own and control their digital assets.
  2. Identity: Worldcoin’s proof of personhood network helps combat bots, spam messages, and robocalls by providing a sound and frictionless digital identity solution. It also opens up possibilities for global democratic governance mechanisms and ensures inclusive decision-making in web3.
  3. Intersection of Finance and Identity: Worldcoin’s frictionless and fraud-resistant digital identity can align incentives between consumers and companies, leading to innovative models such as user-owned companies. It also enables the equal distribution of scarce resources, ensuring fair access to subsidies and social welfare programs.

Purchasing Worldcoin (WLD) on MEXC Exchange

MEXC Exchange, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, provides a platform for users to purchase and trade Worldcoin (WLD). To purchase WLD on MEXC Exchange, users can follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on MEXC Exchange: Visit the MEXC Exchange website and sign up for an account. Complete the necessary verification process to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  2. Deposit funds: Deposit funds into your MEXC Exchange account using supported cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.
  3. Navigate to the WLD trading pair: Once your account is funded, navigate to the WLD trading pair on MEXC Exchange. This pair allows you to trade WLD against other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.
  4. Place an order: Choose the type of order you want to place, such as market order or limit order, and specify the amount of WLD you wish to purchase. Review the order details and confirm the transaction.
  5. Secure your WLD: After the purchase is complete, it is recommended to transfer your WLD to a secure wallet that you control, such as a hardware wallet, to ensure the safety of your assets.


Worldcoin (WLD) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that aims to create a globally-inclusive identity and financial network. With its focus on proof of personhood and privacy-preserving digital identity, Worldcoin has the potential to transform the way we transact, interact, and govern online.

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