Live Betting Things You Should Know


Live Betting, or rather in-game or in-play betting, is a process where you can place a bet even after the beginning of a sports event. That way, you can add wagers at different moments of the game – for example, during quarters or periods, on a drive or single play. Live betting means that you don’t have to stress about statistics, and you can just play as you feel like.

Common wagers placed in live betting include Prop Bets and Parlays. With Prop Bets, you can place a bet on many different things, like the number of touchdowns, or how many goals you think a particular player will score. Instead of earning on your original wager alone, you can turn that bet into parlays and add more bets during a game. When luck is on your side, and your strategies are bearing fruit, live betting allows you to form new parlays with in-game wagering.

Live betting or even Multi-Live options (where bettors can watch several online events and place bets on all of them simultaneously) is available in a number of sportsbooks, like 1xBit.


How Does Live Betting Work?

Basically, a player can place a wager any time during the game. Live and Crypto betting function a lot like traditional wagering, you can wager on things like the totals, points spread, and the money line. The only difference is that live betting is a live experience, and things change as the game goes on.

If you are wondering why you have not heard or seen these options before, maybe it has something to do with the software and hardware requirements. These components make it difficult for many providers to operate, leaving live betting to crypto betting firms, which are already technologically advanced.


Traditional Betting vs. Live Betting: Which One Is for You?

Compared to traditional betting, in-game betting offers fewer lines, especially before the start of the game. But you shouldn’t be affected by this; in-play betting needs a lot of manpower and time to give complete and accurate lines. Besides, traditional betting is not affected by the changing variable during a game.

Setting the odds is going to be difficult when it concerns a live event, and there is the house’s edge to account for, too. However, winning strategies should not underestimate the team’s composure, morale, and injury, as well as human and technological errors.

Moreover, you have to take into account the fact that, during the game, betting might be suspended for a few seconds after something significant happens to allow the computer algorithms to work out new odds. Therefore, as you can see, in-game betting can be quite thrilling compared to traditional betting.

Live Betting: Tips and Strategies

These are many benefits of live betting and as many ways to win. Here are some expert tips to help you start.

Start with a Pre-Game Bet

The first and most common winning strategy for live betting is starting off a game with a pre-game bet. This step is important because it prepares you mentally for the game, before it starts. The clear benefit of pre-game bets is the range of options you are given. You can always save the bad bets if the game is taking a wrong turn – but, when everything looks good, you can increase the value to win more.

Pay Attention to the Game

It goes without saying; no amount of strategies will work if you do not monitor the entire game. You should analyze every move and every pause in order to notice something that might offer you an advantage. Besides, watching the game will enable you to pick the little details that affect the outcome, like a shift in momentum. Conversely, avoid betting on more than one match.

Familiarize yourself

Unlike traditional odds and line charts, live betting needs to be updated continuously. Through the course of the game, every small detail will have a mark. The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn everything about the interface and all the options crypto betting offers. This information will be advantageous during the game.

There Is an Upside to Experience

You need prior experience to enjoy the benefits of live betting. Do not start this journey unless you have previous experience with other forms of sports betting. Learn all the mechanisms of traditional betting, like how odds work, cashing out your wins, and the types of bets to correctly apply strategies for winning at in-game betting.

Do Research

Invest your time in the wagers you place and conduct thorough research before the game to anticipate what could happen. In this way, you will be ready and able to find which are the best odds. You can even use this information to place an opposing bet if you have second thoughts during the game.

Remember, Anything Can Change

The in-game lines can be affected by nearly anything. You just have to be very careful and take advantage of any changes in order to place the best bets.

These strategies should teach you how to reap the benefits of live betting. To put them into practice, you need a reliable and fast bet processor, like 1xBit. 1xBit is a popular online crypto sportsbook, and the registration process is designed to keep you completely anonymous.


You can get a multi-currency account with no additional information provided. All you need is an email address and a password to secure your account. The multi-currency account allows the user to hold 30 cryptocurrencies at the same time. Since 1xBit offers fully anonymous crypto betting, it only accepts cryptocurrencies.

With high odds, members can enjoy fast payouts on their crypto betting wins. Likewise, by using cryptocurrencies for transactions, 1xBit does not charge any transactional fees. When you create an account, you can enjoy a welcome bonus of up to 7 BTC for the first four deposits to place bets and win. New players can take advantage of the simple registration and welcome prize to win big on in-game bets.

There are hundreds of sporting events you can play at high odds. The interface is easy-to-use and straightforward, so you can quickly know your way around. 1xBit is a reputable, secure, fast, and reliable crypto sportsbook.

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