SoftradeAI Review – High Earning Crypto Investment Platform (NOT PAYING)

Softradeai Btc Investing

Status Update: Due to the Cornavirus and failing markets, SoftradeAI was forced to close down their operations

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SoftradeAI is one of the leading crypto investment platforms online where you can grow your Bitcoin and alt-coins. Getting started is easy, but first, let us provide you with an overview before you get started on the platform.

About SoftradeAI

With SoftradeAI, you have the ability to earn 2% to 5% daily on your investment.

How SoftradeAI is able to generate high profits for all of its investors they claim, is through Forex Trading. They use artificial intelligence to generate profitable trades that intern bring you more income.

The platform currently has a millionaire roadmap you can follow when you join the 5% daily investment plan.

The 5% plan is for a limited time only and at the time of writing this post, there will only be a few days left. If you happen to watch our video or read this article late, and the plan is no longer available, no worries. In the near future, Ryan says the 5% plan can be re-introduced on the platform.

A little bit about the company. Ryan Baines is the CEO of the platform and is very transparent with all of his investors. Be sure to subscribe to the Facebook group and YouTube channel for more updates.

The platform offers a comprehensive referral system that allows you to earn maximum profits from investors you invite to the system.

Softradeai Plans

Let’s get started on how to make an investment on SoftradeAI

  • Sign-up first to SoftradeAI.
  • Once you are logged into your dashboard, click on the button “Make Deposit”.
  • Select the payment method you would like to invest in. In our case, we chose Bitcoin.
  • Click on the daily plan you want to generate a profit from. You can choose from the 2% to 5% plans.
  • Select the amount you would like to invest in this plan, then click on the Invest button.
  • From your funded Bitcoin Wallet, you will need to send the exact amount of BTC to the SoftradeAI Bitcoin address displayed on the screen.
  • In our case, we have used CashApp to purchase Bitcoin and withdraw/send Bitcoin to SoftradeAI.
  • We have copied the exact BTC amount into CashApp, then copied the exact Bitcoin deposit address as well.
  • After successfully sending the required deposit amount, you will have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours before 2 confirmations are shown.
  • Once the deposit has been successfully made, head back to your dashboard to see your updated Active Balance.

You are all set!

Now it’s time to sit back and earn your daily profits. To earn more profits from the platform, make sure to share your affiliate link with family, friends, and on social media.

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