What is HEX and How To Invest In This Token

Hex Token

HEX is the first high-interest blockchain certificate of deposit. Certificate of Deposit (CDs) is also known as Time Deposits, which are worth Trillions of dollars. It is said that CDs are worth more than fiat currencies (cash), gold, and even credit card companies.

The best part about CDs is that they pay higher interest than typical saving accounts from your bank. On top of that, banks require you to make deposits into your savings account for a fixed period of time. Even though banks are paying you interest over a period of time, they cover their costs by charging you ridiculous interest rates and fees which leaves you with little to no profit.

With the current pandemic crisis, international banks are flooding the market with more fiat currency which in the end lowers the value of the dollar. If the dollar were to crash due to high inflation, the only winners will be people who are holding some of their money in digital assets such as HEX and

Hex is said to replace the shortcomings of fiat currencies, banks, and credit card companies with secure peer-to-peer technology. HEX removes the power from the hands of banks and gives you the holder, all the profit.

How to set up your Hex Wallet

1) Install MetaMask for either Chrome or Firefox. If for mobile, use Firefox.

2) Visit Hex Token’s Website.

3) At the top right corner of the website, click on “Add To MetaMask”.

4) You will be prompted to connect your account to MetaMask, approve it.

5) Next step you will be prompted to add the HEX token to your wallet, click “Add Token”.

You are all set.

How to exchange ETH for HEX

1) Open MetaMask in your web browser, under the ETH wallet, click on Deposit.

2) Copy the address, and from an external wallet, send any amount of Ethereum you want to be converted to that address.

You can use Coinbase to buy Ethereum and then send it to the MetaMask ETH Wallet Address. If you already have Bitcoin, you can use Coinbase or Binance Exchange to convert your Bitcoin into Ethereum.

3) Now that your MetaMask Ethereum Wallet is funded, go to https://hexdex.win/swap.

4) Enter the amount of ETH you wish to convert into HEX, then click on the Swap button.

5) Once completed, your HEX Tokens in the MetaMask Wallet should be updated.

How to claim free Hex and Stake

1) Open MetaMask in your web browser, under the ETH wallet, click on Deposit.

2) Go to claim tool on go.hex.win.

3) Open your Bitcoin wallet and sign the statement given to you by the claim tool.

4) Paste the signature into the claim page.

5) Click “Submit”. DONE!
Note: Your ETH address is your HEX address.

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