Review – High Paying Bitcoin HYIP Platform (NOT PAYING) Review - High Paying Bitcoin HYIP Platform

Update* – This platform is a scam. They pull you in by offering you a few payouts. Once your balance gets too high, they will freeze your account and ask you to create a new one. Other scamming schemes are telling that you have to pay an insurance fee. The idea behind ponzi scams like this one is if they are low on funds, they will look for ways to take more money from you. Their goal is to make sure they have enough funds in their system to keep the ponzi scam going. Avoid this platform at all risks.

Be sure to check out some of the long-running paying platforms online.

Another HYIP has hit the scene and so far so good. This program offers high earning potential that can put some serious profit in your Bitcoin Wallet.

Bitapt is a registered company in the United Kingdom and provides a variety of profitable plans to choose from. The only coin they support on this platform at the moment is Bitcoin. Other investment options are PerfectMoney.

Below are all the available plans that Bitapt has to offer.


Investment Plans

Payment Plans 2

15% Plan

Get a whopping 15% on your investment. This plan is excellent for those looking to test the platform. The minimum to start is only $20. The maximum amount that you can invest in this plan is $499.

30% Plan

For those who have more money to invest will like this plan. 30% in 48 hours is exceptional. The minimum amount to invest is $500 and the maximum amount that you can invest is $999.

50% Plan

This plan is for serious investors who are looking to make a quick return on larger investments. In 72 hours you get 50% profit on your investment of $1000 or more. The maximum amount you can put into this plan is $4999.

100% Plan

The riskiest option but most rewarding plan on the platform is the 100% plan. This is one of the highest profit return plans in the HYIP space. You get your profit in 5 days. The minimum to get in is $2000, while the max you can deposit is $20000.


The Pros of Bitapt

At the moment (2/4/20), Bitapt is paying it’s customers. Bitapt has started their platform on Aug 12, 2019. The plan that we tested so far and has been paying with no issue is the 15% plan.

On their official website, they currently show live stats of the amount of money deposited and withdrawn on their platform. This is not a 100% indicator of the legitimacy of any HYIP program, but if you see the withdrawals are more than the deposits, that is a positive notation of payouts to customers.

Another plus for this platform is their customer service. They have a live chat that is available to you anytime you need help. Their customer service is their to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Payouts on their platform is instant. In the dashboard, your payout request will come up as pending and you will not see any Batch ID. Once you request your payout, in 5 to 10 minutes check your Bitcoin Wallet to see a pending transfer status of your payout. You will have to allow at least 24 hours to for your profit to be confirmed in your wallet.


Will This Platform Last?

That is a question that is difficult to answer. This HYIP platform as well as all the hundreds of platforms that are active online has the ability to stop paying or exit scam at anytime. That is why you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

Note that we are not financial advisers and we do not give any financial advice. Our experience and review of this and any platform on our website is our experience and for educational purposes only.


How To Get Started

Getting started is easy, simply click here to sign-up to Bitapt. Once you are able to log in, head to Account Settings and enter your Bitcoin Wallet Address. Once you are done, head over to the New Deposit section. Select your plan, then enter the amount you wish to invest.

Select PerfectMoney or Bitcoin, then click on the Spend button. You will be taken to your payment page to complete your deposit. Once your funds have successfully been submitted, your plan will be active.


Status: SCAM

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