Best Crypto and Stock Investment Platforms of 2020

Best Investment Apps 2020

If you are looking for some of the best ways to secure your future, we found some platforms that you may be interested in. The Investment platforms that we will discuss are making it a whole lot easier for people like yourself to add additional assets to their portfolios.

The benefits to building a portfolio outweighs the option of not having one. If you are new to investing, you will find it easy to get started saving for your future. If you have children, instead of spending money on gifts and items that they will outgrow in a few months, you can consider buying them assets that will grow as they do overtime. By the time a child hits 30 years old, their future could be financially already secure.

Whether you’re looking to build a cryptocurrency portfolio, stock portfolio, or both, we have options for you to choose. Each platform has their own individual strengths and weaknesses.  It will be up to you decide if one platform or all is the choice you want to go with.

Crypto and Stock Investment Platforms

Acorns - Investing App


One of the most popular investing apps in the United States is none other than Acorns.  Acorns allows you to invest your everyday spare change into a savings account. The money from this account automatically funds a diversified portfolio of stocks. Your account has the ability to grow everyday without you having to lift a finger.

How Round-Ups work is simple, every time you make a purchase with your debit card, Acorns rounds up your purchase to the nearest dollar. For example, if you were to buy a pack of gum for 50 cents, 1 dollar would be the round-up. Every time your round-ups reach $5 dollars, your Acorns investment account automatically gets debited.

Another feature on the Acorns platform is the ability to make daily, weekly or monthly deposits. You can opt to have $100 (or any amount) automatically deposited into your Acorns account monthly. Your funds will surely grow on top of all the round-ups your account can collect daily from every day purchases.

When you sign-up to Acorns, you have the option of choosing between 5 portfolio types: Conservative, Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, and Aggressive. Earning speed from your investments will be affected by the portfolio type you choose. If you decide to go with a Conservative Portfolio, your money will be invested in Short Term Government Bonds and UltraShort Term Corporate Bonds. Going with the Aggressive option, your money will go into Large Company Stocks, Emerging Market Stocks and Real Estate Stocks. Don’t know which one to choose? Upon sign-up, Acorns will ask you few simple questions which will help determine which portfolio is right for you. You can always manually choose a different portfolio at any time.

To recap, Acorns has the ability to grow your money every month. Set money aside automatically with daily, weekly & monthly investments. Every time you make a purchase, it has the ability to become an investment with Round-Ups. And with a Diversified Portfolio, when the market moves, your account will automatically be re-balanced or updated.


  • Receive $5 for Free Upon Sign-Up
  • Invest in Stocks and Bonds
  • Micro-invest Spare Change with Round-Ups
  • Automatic Daily, Weekly & Monthly Investments
  • Withdraw Your Funds at Any Time
  • Acorns Spend – Checking Account & Debit Card

Sign-up with Acorns here.

M1 Finance - Stock Investing

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is the perfect investment platform that allows you to purchase fractional and whole shares of stocks commission free. This platform is so easy to use, that your kids can get in on the action and start investing in stocks.

What stands out the most with M1 Finance is the ability to create more than one portfolio under 1 investment account. Consider each sub-portfolio as a folder or divider from your other stocks. Simply label & organize your stocks by niche, industry, or any other unique name that means something to you.

Getting started is simple. Once logged into your M1 Finance dashboard, you will be introduced to a pie chart. When your account is funded, that pie chart will be at 100%. That 100% will be divided amongst any amount of stocks or sub-portfolios you purchase/create.

You can designate 80% of your funds to 1 stock, while splitting 20% amongst the others. You can adjust your percentages at anytime. If a large number of your stock percentages are off the target you specified, you can simply rebalance your entire portfolio. You can do this once on each trading day.

Start building your stock portfolio today with M1 Finance and start growing a winning / profitable account for your future.


  • Invest in Stocks
  • Purchase Fractional Shares
  • Create Sub-Portfolios for any number of Stocks
  • Unique Pie Chart & Allocation of Funds for each number of Stocks
  • Smart Borrowing – Open a line of credit up $10,000 for investing

Sign-up with M1 Finance here.

Robinhood - Crypto & Stock Investments


Robinhood is a commission free trading platform that allows you to buy stocks from all over the world. After funding your account you have the ability to buy any number of stocks such as Sony, Nike, Disney, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and more. Recently added is the ability to buy partial shares of any stock. Perfect for individual who can not afford to buy shares in Amazon which cost around $1700. You can now buy it for $1.

Robinhood makes investing in stocks very easy and provide you with informative data in the dashboard. See the latest trends in each sector of the stock market. See what’s moving through out the day, what’s popular, and what stocks are losing it’s value. You can take advantage of the search feature to find growing penny stocks that have the potential to explode upwards.

One of the newest features of the platform is the ability to Buy and Sell Bitcoin. Other digital currencies that you can purchase on the platform are Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin SV. More coins will eventually be added to the platform, but in the meantime you can add any cryptocurrency into your watch list and track their movements in the market.


  • Receive a Free Stock Upon Sign-up
  • Invest In Stocks
  • Buy / Sell Bitcoin
  • Buy / Sell Cryptocurrencies
  • Withdraw to Bank Account
  • Transfer Funds to Robinhood Debit Card

Sign-up with Robinhood here.

Cashapp - Bitcoin & Stock Investment Platform


One of the largest money sending apps in the United States is none other than CashApp. With the ability to send and receive money from family, friends, and business associates, no wonder why it has become so popular. CashApp also adds the social element which incorporates usernames and profile images.

One of the defining features of CashApp is the debit card they provide you. You can instantly use the profits you receive from direct deposits, money transfers, selling Bitcoin, or selling stocks for in-store and online purchases. While cash is still king, CashApp allows you to Buy and Sell Bitcoin. You can purchase Bitcoin with a click of a button through the mobile app. If you don’t want to spend a dime, convert your earning (money sent to you) into Bitcoin.

CashApp allows to you to withdraw your Bitcoin and send it to another Bitcoin Wallet. You also have the option to sell your Bitcoin and convert it into cash and spend it with your Debit Card.

A new feature recently added to CashApp is the ability to invest in stocks. Interested in buying the Disney or Amazon stock, but don’t have the money for it? CashApp allows you to buy partial stocks which means you can partially own as many stocks as you want. Overtime as your funds grow, you can buy more partial shares to eventually own the stock out right. Build your investment portfolio with any available stock you can afford.

The number of features continue to grow with this popular app. With the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin, invest in stocks, send and receive money from family, friends & clients, direct deposit, and having your very own debit card, makes CashApp one of the serious options to consider.


  • Invest In Stocks
  • Buy Partial Stocks
  • Buy / Sell Bitcoin
  • Buy Bitcoin with Bank Account
  • Convert Between Cash & Bitcoin
  • Cash Account & Debit Card

Sign-up with CashApp here.

Circle - Crypto Investment Platform


Circle is platform that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital assets. Similar to Gemini, Circle allows you to setup recurring orders to automatically fund your account with cryptocurrencies. Circle makes it extremely easy to get started. You simply connect a Bank Account to start funding your account right away.

Other than Bitcoin, supported cryptocurrencies are Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, Stellar, Monero, Ethereum Classic, BAT coin, Ox, Zcash, and Qtum. Buy partial amounts of any digital coin you want at anytime.

Circle allows you to invest in bulk with 4 collections which all contain digital assets. You can choose to do a one-time purchase or a recurring purchase to the following collections: The Market, Payments, Platforms and Privacy. The Market collection consists of all the 13+ above mentioned digital assets on the platform. The other collections such as Payments, Platforms, and Privacy you have the option of purchasing as well.


  • Buy / Sell Bitcoin
  • Buy / Sell Cryptocurrencies
  • Buy Bitcoin with Bank Account
  • Automatic Daily, Weekly & Monthly Crypto Investments
  • Withdraw to Bank Account

Sign-up with Circle here.

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