Mirror Trading International Review – Grow Your Bitcoin With Compound Interest (Not Paying)

Mirror Trading International

UPDATE – MTI is no longer operational. That means all deposits and withdrawals have been haulted. Check out other paying crypto platforms.

Mirror Trading International is a long term platform that allows its investors to make money by depositing their Bitcoin.

MTI makes it possible to grow your existing Bitcoin by trading it on their platform. They do all the work for you. No matter how much you deposit, you can earn on average 0.5% a day, 5 days a week.

Compared to other platforms, this is a slow earner. In our opinion, MTI can be looked at as a crypto savings account that grows with interest.


MTI provides you with transparency in the back office. Check out your daily earnings on the Trading Bonus Report page. Each day will show you how much you have earned. You also have the option to view the actual trades MTI Club has made for the day.

Mti Club Tradining Overview

Team Building

If you are a team builder, MTI allows you to add people underneath you. Together, everyone makes a profit. It’s important to build out your left leg and right leg so that you can earn referral and binary bonuses.

To help you with your team-building efforts, MTI provides its members with marketing materials. You can create slideshow presentations and ad campaigns to educate your members.

MTI keeps its investors up-to-date with important news and happenings on the platform. You can follow MTI on Telegram, YouTube, and by subscribing to the Newsletter.

How to Get Started?

  1. Click here to signup on Mirror Trading International.
  2. Enabled 2FA authentication by clicking on Profile, then going to 2FA.
  3. After securing your account, head over to the wallet section and click on Add Funds
  4. Click on Generate New BTC Address.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions by sending the exact amount of Bitcoin you want to invest in to the deposit BTC address.
  6. If you don’t have Bitcoin and would like to buy some, you can use CashApp / Coinbase / Gemini.
  7. After sending your Bitcoin, you will have to take a screenshot of your transaction for confirmation.
  8. Once your deposit and confirmation are approved, your active deposit will update within 24 hours.

Withdrawals & Earnings

You can request a withdrawal from the system at any time. MTI grows your investment daily for 5 days a week. Some days for profit are better than others.

One day of trading will earn you 0.1% while another day can earn you 1.0%. That is why it’s better to say on average you can earn about 0.5% 5 days a week.

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