Watford Corp Review (Not Paying)

Watford Corp

Owner and founder Richard Watford has created a platform where you can invest in emerging markets that are changing the world. This website allows you to use Bitcoin as a funding source instead of a traditional fiat currency.

Watford LLC, also known as Watford Corp is a platform that allows investors to become shareholders in successful companies. Each company is owned and managed by Watford LLC.

Companies To Invest In

Below are the companies that are currently on the Watford Corp platform.

  • Goldmine MD – one of the fastest-growing gold mining companies in the world.
  • NMW Enegery – an alternative energy producer and distributor.
  • EDV Recycling – a waste recycling and collection company.
  • Marijuana Diet – a pharmaceutical and cosmetology product development company based on cannabis.
  • Kronos – develops medication, compound pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and hormones for patients.

You as an investor/shareholder have the option to go into one or all five companies. How you get paid is simple, each share you own earns you daily profits or better known as dividends. At the end of 7 days, your balance on the InWallet/dashboard updates.

Team Building

When people you share your referral link with signs up under you and have an active deposit, you will earn a commission bonus. As you build your team, it’s essential that you assist your downline by helping to learn how to make deposits and find people who want to earn by signing up under them.

Everyone earns and grows together.

How To Get Started?

  1. Signup here to Join Watford Corp.
  2. To begin investing with Watford corp, you must first fund your account.
  3. You have the option to invest with Bitcoin, Perfect Money, or Payeer.
  4. Where it says Exchange, under InWallet, click on Replenish.
  5. Here you will enter the amount you would like to deposit. The minimum is $100.
  6. Click on replenish and you will be brought to the deposit page.
  7. If you selected Bitcoin as your payment method, send the exact amount of Bitcoin to the deposit address on the screen.
  8. After a few confirmations on the Blockchain, your transaction will be complete.
  9. Your deposit should take up to 24 hours to reflect on your InWallet/Dashboard.

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