Dual Mine Review – Best Cloud Mining Platform For Bitcoin & Crypto (Not Paying)

Dual Mine Cloud Mining

Dual Mine is a cloud mining platform that allows you to earn Bitcoin and a variety of cryptocurrencies by purchasing hash power. Released in March of 2018, Dual Mine continues to be a driving force in the cloud mining space.

A lot of companies have come and gone, but Dual Mine continues to operate and pay its customers on a consistent base. As long as you reach a minimum of $40 (in Bitcoin or any other crypto), you will be able to withdraw directly to your digital wallet. Withdrawals are manual and take up to 48 hours to process.

Hash Power for Earning Crypto

Dual Mine Hash Power

Just for signing up as a first time user, Dual Mine gives you 100 GH/s hash power for free. Even though that is great to start with, receiving your first payout on that alone will take you 6 or more months. The best way to earn on this platform is to purchase hash power.

When hash power is purchased, Dual Mine gives you 6x the amount. That extra boost helps you to achieve ROI much faster. Each contract purchased is for 2 years. Once that contract expires, the amount of hash power obtained in that contract will disappear. To continue earning beyond that point, you can acquire more contracts and reinvest.

Some of the cryptocurrencies you will be able to mine on the platform are the following: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Doge Coin, ZCash, and Monero. When you purchase hash power, sometimes Dual Mine will AirDrop one of the proprietary tokens called CRT. These tokens can be used to purchase more hash power (when first converted) or for playing games in the Playroom.

Referral Program

Another way to earn on Dual Mine is by referring people to the platform. The amount of referrals you have isn’t the goal, the amount of active referrals is what you need to aim for. When someone you referred to the platform purchases a mining contract, you get 10% percent in hash power. For example, if Referral A purchases 20,000 GHs worth of Bitcoin, you will get 10% of that (2000 GHs). If Referral B purchases 20 MHs of Ethereum. you will only receive 2 MHs as your commission.

Earn enough referrals combined with a good amount of hash rate, you will receive the minimum payout balance quickly every month. Once you reach ROI, you will be in pure profit until you decide to purchase new contracts or reinvest.

Converting Bitcoin into another Cryptocurrency

With Dual Mine, you have the option to convert your earnings into another cryptocurrency. If the majority of your contracts are in Bitcoin, you have the option to convert Bitcoin into DOGE and send it to your digital wallet. Like withdrawing, to convert one crypto into another requires a minimum of $40 (0.004 btc).

How To Get Started?

  1. Make sure you have a funded Bitcoin Wallet or a place to Buy Bitcoin from.
  2. Click here to signup to Dual Mine.
  3. Once you are signed up, click on Orders.
  4. Click on Create New Order.
  5. Select the currency you want to buy Hashpower in. (In this case, we are using Bitcoin).
  6. Adjust the slider to see how much you want to purchase.
  7. Once selected, click on Buy Bitcoin Contract Now!
  8. Using your funded Bitcoin Wallet, send the exact amount of BTC on the screen to the deposit address.
  9. Once your deposit has been sent, it will take up to 48 hours for your contract to be confirmed on the dashboard.

Payout Proof

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