PGI Global Review – Life Changing Bitcoin Investment Plans (Not Paying)

Praetorian Group International

Update – PGI Global has stopped paying its customers. Their last payout to customers was in March (2021), no other payments were issued after that. For other paying platforms, visit our HYIP monitor.

PGI Global, also known as Praetorian Group International provides investors the opportunity to make a passive income.

Earn up to 200% on any investment plan. If you decide to enter the program with $100, you will continue to generate daily profits until you reach $200. For those who enter with $500,000, it’s the exact same process.

Pgi Global Packages

How Does Praetorian Group Generate Their Income?

PGI Global generates its income through a variety of products and services such as crypto ATM’s, health supplements, massage chairs, blockchain education, and through crypto trading.

Referral Commissions

Praetorian Group offers a comprehensive referral commission package that will benefit every member who joins. You can earn either a Direct Referral Bonus or a Binary Bonus. The percentage you will earn depends on the investment package you are in.

Pgi Global Referral Plans

How to Get Started?

  1. If you are not signed up, click here.
  2. On the left side navigation, you will want to click on Add Trading Agreement.
  3. Here you will be introduced into a variety of packages. Select the package you are comfortable with going into.
  4. When selecting a package, take note and remember that you will have to pay an additional $19 + the package cost.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and send the exact amount of Bitcoin to the deposit address.
  6. Your deposit should take anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 hours all depending on how fast the Blockchain is operating on that day.
  7. Once PGI Global confirms your deposit, your active plan will show up on the Dashboard.

2 Replies to “PGI Global Review – Life Changing Bitcoin Investment Plans (Not Paying)

  1. Hello, So after confirming deposit. What next?
    How does my investment say of USD 1,000 grow daily/monthly
    Do i just sit and watch it grow? or I have to market your products so that for every person who joins, i get commission…sort of pyramid Marketing scheme
    Can I join without a referral?
    Which is the best product of the above listed to invest in -?
    Basically I need some tutorial on this whole stuff and it works

    1. Just to be clear, we are not investment advisors. Any crypto platform that promises you any kind of profit can stop paying you at any time. All the risk is yours if you decide to join.

      Currently, PGI is going through an upgrade, so payouts are delayed. For investors who do decide to join, PGI trades your investments and helps to earn you on avg 1% daily, 5 days a week.

      To get ROI, it takes about 7 weeks. To earn 200%, it’s about 14 weeks. Once you reach 200%, your plan ends.

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