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3XCapital Review – Earn 300% On Any Bitcoin Investment

As Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies become more popular and widely adopted, more platforms are emerging in the crypto landscape. One platform that has taken the world by storm is nonother than 3X Capital.

3X Capital is a cloud trading platform that allows you to triple your Bitcoin investment in 160 days. Earn 1.87% daily until you reach 300% in profits. For those who invest small, let’s say you deposit the minimum of $250. In 160 days, you will gain a total of $750.

It pays to invest more. Those who decide to go in big and invest $10,000, in 160 days you will earn a total of $30,000. Absolutely incredible! Once again, you are earning 1.87% on your deposit amount daily. Another great feature for this platform is instant withdrawals daily! Your withdrawal will hit your Bitcoin wallet in seconds!

Receive a 5% bonus when you withdraw once a week. If you want to withdraw daily, you can do so, but you will incur a 5% fee per each withdrawal. The choice is yours. 3X Capital is a big winner and will allow you to make multiple deposits. It takes only 1 confirmation on the blockchain for your investment to become active.

How does 3X Capital earn profits?

3X Capital earns its profits from a combination of Forex Trading, Leverage Crypto Trading, and Automatic Trading.

With Forex trading, 3X Capital trades on the 5 trillion dollars a day Forex market and trades 5 days a week. Through Leverage trading, they generate profits 7 days a week by taking advantage of the markets whether they move up or down. With Automatic trading, they use human traders and AI bots that are conditioned to adapt any market volatility faster than humans.

Available Investment Plans

3X Capital has only one investment plan. An investment package that will earn you 300%. The minimum deposit to get started is $250 USD. Invest as many times as you desire, withdraw your profits at any time, and do it all over again.

With one plan, there is no confusion. This platform is not an HYIP platform and will not add new plans (a sign that the platform is going to scam out).

3xcapital Map

Affiliate Program

3X Capital offers a simple and profitable referral system. No binaries or complicated structures. You will get to enjoy a 3 level 8% – 4% – 3% referral bonus from each deposit your partners make.

The affiliate program allows you to earn additional profits on top of your 300% investment. This system is the perfect opportunity to earn a passive income while helping others to do so.

Is There A Support Group?

3X Capital has a Discord group that allows you to speak with the owner and fellow investors in the community. Get answers to all of your questions and stay up-to-date with changes to the platform.



Are you in 3X Capital? If yes please let us know your experiences in the comment section below. If you are not signed up and would like to register, click here to get started.

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