My Micro Profits Review – Earn 0.13% Bitcoin Every 60 Minutes (NOT PAYING)

My Micro Profits Review

Update: As of right now, My Micro Profits is NOT paying. If we receive a new payout from the platform, we will update this page. In the meantime, you can check out other paying programs on our platform monitor page.

Always remember to ONLY invest what you can afford to lose. Any platform can stop paying at any time. All the risk is yours.

A popular HYIP / legacy platform is among us, and that platform is called My Micro Profits. MMP is a crypto generating system that allows you to get paid every 60 minutes. Once you accrue funds, you can instantly withdraw it to your external wallet. There are no wait periods or manually reviewed withdrawals.

At the time of this post, there are currently over 4000 members with deposits well over 1.1 million dollars in the system. The number continues to grow because people have found a system that pays them not only daily, but hourly for as long as this platform continues to remain operational.

Any platform is risky, that is why it is better to join early to reach ROI. Once that is achieved, earning additional funds from the platform will just be pure profit.

How My Micro Profits works is simple, they offer a foolproof system that combines multiple highly profitable “micro profit” business opportunities into one simple hourly income payout for you to take advantage of.

How My Micro Profits Generates Income

My Micro Profits

My Micro Profits primarily specializes in 4 different types of Micro Profit Opportunities: Transaction Processing Fees, Cloud Hosting, Cryptocurrency Trading, and Advertising Arbitrage.

Each of these business activities generates profit which allows the system to share with all deposit holders on an hourly basis.

My Micro Profits is one of the first platforms in the business to offer clear transparency on how your profits are generated. They claim to not be a Ponzi scheme where the deposits from newer users pay for older users in the system.

100% Clear Transparency of Business

My Micro Profits

In the above screenshot, you will see a breakdown of how My Micro Profits is able to provide a sustainable hourly income to all of its investors. Not only are profits showed, but also the expenses. Overall, the investments by crypto holders on the platform are not the sole income of My Micro Profits.

These reports are accessible at all times and can be sorted by day.

Referral Program

When inviting others onto the platform, My Micro Profits will give you a commission. You’ll receive a 3 level (9% – 7% – 3%) INSTANT referral bonus on every deposit one of your referrals makes! What greater incentive to help others makes money while you generate profits at the same time.

With My Micro Profits, you are not allowed to open multiple accounts. You will want to follow the rules so you don’t risk your account or IP address from being banned.

How to Get Started?

My Micro Profits

To start investing with My Micro Profits, signup. Once you are registered, we recommend adding your Crypto Wallet to your profile. To do this, click on Edit Account. To start generating profits, click on the Deposit tab. Enter the minimum amount you would like to get started with.

You will notice the daily profit in the Toal Daily Income line. Once you have selected your desired amount, select your payment method. Choose from Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash. The cryptocurrency you choose is what you will generate on the platform.

You are able to make multiple deposits at any time using any of the six listed cryptocurrencies. A deposit address will appear where you will send your payment to. The system only requires 1 network confirmation for your deposit to become active in the system.


We are not financial advisors. Any platform has the potential to stop paying at any time. Invest at your own risk and only spend what you can afford to lose.


My Micro Profits Payment Proof

10 Replies to “My Micro Profits Review – Earn 0.13% Bitcoin Every 60 Minutes (NOT PAYING)

  1. Why does another review at jessesingh .org/my-micro-profits-review call this My Micro Profis a Ponzi scheme? Is it because the author of the other review is promoting his own program and is therefore badmouthing MMP?


    1. Unfortunately, My Micro Profits may have been a Ponzi scheme until proven otherwise. On their website and listening to interviews of the owner, he claimed that there are other sources of profits generated on the platform other than users crypto.

      Also, a clone website has emerged called yournetprofits .com. This could be from the same owner. We won’t be going into that platform.

  2. I have a micro profits withdrawal that says in manual review, since July 28, 2020. What can be done?

    1. Nothing can be done. This platform has stopped paying out. If it were to somehow return, everyone will get their payouts. But that is only wishful thinking. This platform is categorized as a HYIP. Any platform as such you have to get in early, spend only what you can afford to lose, and withdraw daily.

  3. I have my micro profits and since July 30 2020, I cannot able to open my account. What should I do?

  4. MMP is death. They’re not paying anyore since more then a month. Since their connected with BitMex, BitMex did put a block on many accounts of suspicion since the BTC pricegrow. So its death. Thank me later 😉

    1. El programa ya no paga. Todas las plataformas HYIP son de alto riesgo y no duran para siempre. Llegue temprano y retírese todos los días. Además, evite los HYIP y elija las plataformas LEGACY.

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