What Is The Metaverse And How To Invest In Its Future

what is the metaverse and how to invest in it's future

You can consider the Metaverse version 2.0 of Virtual Reality where digital worlds will be connected together through the blockchain. Besides people living in these digital worlds, brands and corporations will own digital land and virtual property that you will have to pay for. For those who get in early, you can become owners too.

Think of all of the posiblities in the metaverse such as buying cars and gas stations to fuel them, a home to live in and paying utlities to run them, and so much more. Everything that is possible in the real world will become possible in the metaverse.


What To Expect From The Metaverse in the Future

ready player one

To get an idea of what’s to come, check out movies like Ready Player One or TV Shows like Black Mirror. Disconnecting yourself from reality to live in a Virtual Reality will be the new trend. Right now we are still in the infancy stages, but that will soon change. One growing audience that will take full advantage of the metaverse are people under the age of 18.

Instead of playing video games the traditional way with controllers, you will be wearing an interactive headset instead. From that point on, you can live a different life, a virtual life. Think of video games like The Sims where you can live in a community, get married, and start your own family. Instead of controlling the character from the real world, you become that character in the metaverse.

the sims

Because people will “live” most of their lives in the metaverse, you already have companies like Nike allowing people to buy their virtual merch. Brands and clothing companies are already following suit. You can buy clothing and apparel for your very own avatar. Think of downloadable content that already exists for games on like Gears of War or Call of Duty. Where you can buy the latest skins, armor, and weapons for your character.

chocobos final fantasy 7

Virtual pets will continue to become a thing, just like in the 90s with the invention of the Tamagochi. Raising pets in Sonic Adventure was a neat idea as well as Chocobos from the Final Fantasy series. In the metaverse, if you own your own farm, you can become a breeder and sell them as NFT’s to other users. One game that already does this is Axie Infinity. Depending on how “real” animals will become in the metaverse, building animal hospitals, shelters, parkers, or even arenas will become possible.


Digital Land and Realestate

snoopverse metaverse sandbox

Celebrities like Snoop Dogg purchased a digital plots of land in the metaverse platform called The Sandbox. In that platform, Snoop created his own virtual world called the Snoopverse. In his own “Sandbox”, Snoop Dogg has the freedom to build his own world how he sees fit. Right after that, a person named P-Ape bought land right next to Snoop for $450,000. Now if Snoop Dogg throws a pool party in the metaverse, he can invite his neighbor to join.

justin bieber interactive virtual experience

Scenarios like this are just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine setting up clubs where you can charge people for VIP access to sit with their favorite celebrities. Legit club owners can profit with setting up admission fees at the door. Going to live concerts in the virtual world where the artist looks 100% real right in front of you will be more common. Justin Bieber held a live concert in the metaverse. As a music artist, imagine being more than 1 place at a time, perfoming for billions of people all at once.

Their is so much untapped potential waiting to be released and their are many companies, developers, and programmers hard at work bringing their vision of the metaverse to a virtual reality. Below we list a few notable platforms that you can get involved with. Of course, this is not financial advice.


Popular Metaverse Projects

The Sandbox (SAND)

the sandboxThis platform gives freedom to users to create their own virtual world and monetize them using the SAND (ERC-20) utility token. The concept of The Sandbox is similar to video games like Minecraft and Little Big Planet. Building worlds in those formetioned games may be fun, but you don’t own them. With Sandbox, you do.

The goal of The Sandbox is to remove centralized ownership from companies and give the power to you, the user. Becuase you are given the freedom to build, play, share, collect, and trade in your very own world, you are also able earn using the SAND utility token.

The assets you create can be sold as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and be resold for royalty commissions. The more popular your virtual world and assets are, the more money you can make on the platform. You are also free to visit the marketplace and purchase other user created items to use in your virtual world or resell.

Decentraland (MANA)

decentralandSimilar to The Sandbox, you as the user are able to create virtual lands and digital assets that can be sold and resold on the marketplace. Decentraland is managed by DAO which stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The DAO owns the important smart contracts and digital assets that makeup Decentraland.

The unique take on Decentraland is the ability to control all aspects in your virtual world through “Control Policies”. In these policies are set of rules. You can control the behaviors in your virtual world. If you want people to only wear blue jeans in your world, then because of the set policy, user must wear blue jeans or be blocked from entry.

In Decentraland, you get to explore LANDs that are owned and created by users. Have yourself an adventure across multiple metaverses all in one platform. If you are a creative person, Decentraland has a Builder Tool that allows you to create amazing scenes and artwork. Your creations can be entered in events where you can win amazing prizes.

Decentraland is a community based platform, allowing users to vote on policy updates, upcoming LAND auctions, whitelisting of NFT contractors, Builder, Marketplace and more. Voting allows the platform to survive and keeps the community together to make decisions that affect the platform as a whole.

Gala Games (GALA)

gala games walking deadGala ensures that their platform is a game platform first and not just your typical blockchain platform. Gala Games is created by the players (such as yourself) and is owned by the players. If you earn or win any item, that becomes your item to keep. Those acquired assets become verifiable on the blockchain. Allowing you to sell or trade with other users in-game.

Gala Games puts the community first. Through discussions on the Discord, ideas are discussed that will help improve the overall infrastructure of the platform. Each request is taken into careful consideration which can help shape the direction of each game’s design.

To keep the platform running, Gala is literally powered by the people. Each player runs a node from their computer which powers the entire ecosystem. Over 16,000 player-run nodes are operating to allow the platform to run seamlessly. You can run nodes for Gala yourself. Though the entry point is expensive, you can earn passive rewards.


ceek vr

CEEK VR is one of the most ambitious and undervalued projects on the list. CEEK is looking to transform the way we interact with content and media. CEEK Comes with a patented VR Headset and allows you to see live performances from top music artist such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, Neyo and more.

Currently CEEK VR has a partnership agreement with Univseral Music Group, one of the largest record labels in the music industry. CEEK VR is looking to be the future of all music streaming and publishing in the metaverse. CEEK is looking to enable content creators to monetize their work by performing virtual streaming events that will reach audiences all over the world.

CEEK VR will allow content creators and artst a new way to monetize the access to their content. Payments are in realtime and are verified using the Blockchain. All payments are fast and secure. The artist or content creator will be able to sell collectibles (like merch) to their audiences. Memberships and subscriptions to virtual events will be made possible. Artist will be able to receive royalities for assets streamed on CEEK’s decyntralized player.

Virtual events such as game shows, podcasts, talk shows, sporting events, and more are all possible with CEEK VR. The headset takes you into a virtual world where you will be fully immersed with your virtual environment.


metaheroThe future of the Metaverse all comes down to the success of companies like METAHERO. METAHERO, in partnership with WDW are working together to bridge the gap between the realworld and the virtual world. Using Ultra-HD photogrammetric scanning technology Metahero and WDW have partnerned up to introduce millions of new users to the world of crypto.

This scanning technology will allow you to scan any object (including yourself) and bring it into the metaverse. Think of your very own 3D avatar that looks just like you. This is a game changer for industries such as gaming, fashion, medicine, social media, entertainment, and virtual reality. All commerce transactions are made using the HERO utility token.

The aim of Wolf Digital World (WDW) is to capture every detail of our physical world and tranform it into a 3D object or avatar that can be used in the metaverse. With a large and growing database of scanned objects and people, the metaverse will continue to grow and evolve. More platforms like CEEK VR and The Sandbox can be created, but this time with 3D realism.


How To Buy Metaverse Tokens


Binance is the leading crypto exchange online. Because of it’s longetivity in the business, new cryto tokens appear on their exchange first. That means if you looking to discover the latest metaverse tokens before other exchanges do, then Binance is for you. You can find popular tokens like SAND, GALA, and MANA all on Binance.

One of the main limitations of Binance Exchange at the moment is, the fact that it’s not available for users who live in the United States. Other regions in the world also have that limitation. Full KYC is required to use their services, so be prepared to verify your identity before signing up.

Click here to signup with Binance


KuCoin is another crypto exchange platform that has found itself fully invested in launching Metaverse tokens on their platform. KuCoin has been emerging as a big competitor to Binance and is a great alternative to the platform. You can buy the majority of all the metaverse tokens on KuCoin such as SAND, GALA, MANA, METAHERO, and more.

KuCoin has grown in popularity due to their being no regional limitations. Like Binance, that may change in the future, but for now, anyone can signup with KuCoin and start investing in crypto and metaverse tokens immediately. KuCoin offers KYC, but doesn’t force you to do so to use their services.

Click here to signup with KuCoin


Gemini has been labeled the Coinbase Alternative, partly due to the ease of use of the platform and the rapid growth of available crypto currencies to exchange. Gemini allows you to purchase crypto and instantly start trading it on their platform. As Gemini continues to grow in popularity, newer tokens will continue to be released, but not just any token.

Gemini’s focus is on tokens that provide excellent utility, making their selection of available crypto smart choices for investors. Before the metaverse exploded in popularity, Gemini has listed both SAND and MANA before many of it’s competitors. You can find other popular metaverse and blockchain game tokens such as ENJ, AXI, and SLP.

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