Axie Infinity Review – How to Buy AXS Tokens & Trade Axies

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An online gaming platform that is taking the internet by storm is none other than Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is a new way to play video games while earning cryptocurrency at the same time. Anyone with a computer or mobile device can get started right away.

There are other NFT gaming platforms that are emerging in the crypto space and their will be a whole lot more. So far Axie Infinity is looking to take the crown and map the blueprint of how all successful NFT gaming platforms should operate.

What are Axies?

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Axies are unique and fierce creatures that are used to battle, build, and hunt for treasure. Similar to Pokemon, Axies have different breed types or classes such as Aquatic, Bird, Reptile, Dawn, Beast, Plant, Bug, Mech, and Dusk.

Each class gives the Axie a set of attributes. Depending on the class, your creature can be stronger or weaker than someone else’s. This is why collecting multiple Axies is essential for success on the platform.

How does Axie Infinity Work?

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To get started using platform, you can signup using your email address and password. This will allow you to view the marketplace where you can see all the available Axies, land, and items that you can purchase.

You can collect Axies by buying them from other users on the platform. You can either buy eggs that allow you to give birth to an Axie or you can buy an evolved / adult Axie. What makes each Axie unique is it’s rarity and pureness. Depending on certain factors of your Axie, it’s attributes will determine the cost.

You can collect and raise Axies then resell them on the marketplace for a profit. As a true NFT platform, every Axie is unique and never the same. As Axie Infinity gains more popularity, the value of each Axie in your collection will rise. Building a nice collection is the preferable option for many users.

Another component of the platform is the Battle System. Compete against other users on the platform using your most powerful Axies. The more unique Axies you have the better, this way you will be able to match up against all types of players.

How do I join and get started with Axie Infinity?

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Signup with Axie Infinity directly on their website using an Email Address and Password. This will give you access to the marketplace. To purchase Axies, you will have to have ETH (purchase using Binance or Gemini) or AXS (Purchase using Binance).

Install the Metamask Browser Extension, then transfer over those ETH or AXS tokens to your Metamask wallet. In the Axie Infinity marketplace, click on the Bridge tab. Install the Ronin Bridge browser extension. Once installed, on the Ronin Bridge page, click on Deposit. This will allow you to connect your Metamask Wallet to your Ronin Wallet.

Enter your Ronin Address and select either ETH or AXS, then enter the amount you would like to transfer. Click next to proceed. Once the transfer is complete, you are now ready to buy Axies in the marketplace.

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Explore the marketplace and purchase any Axie you want. Pay attention to the breed count and it’s pureness. Certain attributes contribute to the price of the Axie. If you are looking to breed your own Axies, make sure you select creatures with a breed count that is less than 3.

Also note, in order to breed a new Axie, you will need to 2 Axie creatures and a minimum of 150 SLP tokens and 4 AXS tokens. Both of those tokens can be purchased using Binance.

If want to get involved in the Axie Battle game, you will need to have a minimum of 3 Axies in your stable. Axie Infinity is available for PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices.

How to earn Profits with Axie Infinity?

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You can earn profits in a variety of ways with Axie Infinity. Below are a few ways that will help you to get started. Staking is not available at the time of this article, but when available, you will be able to stake your existing AXS tokens and earn more overtime.

Buy AXS Tokens – You have the option to purchase and HODL AXS tokens. You can simply buy AXS tokens on Binance Exchange. At the time of this article, AXS token is hovering around $60 per token. In our opinion, we have no doubt that one day AXS token will hit $500. You can continue to HODL or trade for ETH, BTC or other crypto.

Sell Axies – After you build a nice collection of Axies, you have the option to sell them. You can sell both eggs and Axies from your collection for a set price of your choosing. Once your Axie is sold, your Ronin wallet will be credited with ETH.

Play to Earn – As you play Axie Infinity Battle Arena, you have a chance to earn rewards. Every active player on the platform who holds AXS tokens can earn up to 20% in rewards. You also get a chance to earn even more when you join open tournaments that give out real cash prizes.

Our Overall Review

Axie Infinity is taking NFT’s and online gaming to the next level. You as a gamer can have fun while making money at the same time. Start your own unique NFT Axie Collection and sell them on the marketplace for a nice profit.

What makes Axie Infinity stand out the most right now is the detail the developers put into the marketplace functionality and the battle arena. The learning curve for this platform is easy for all newcomers. Once you get passed setting up and funding of your wallets, the real fun begins.

For those looking for a new and unique way of gaming, Axie Infinity is for you. For those looking for a platform where you can make money, potentially replacing your job, this can also be something you can consider. Not financial advice.

Overall, we love this platform and the limitless potential it has. We can see Axie becoming a leader in the the NFT gaming space, above all it’s competitors and more.

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