What Is Solona And How To Buy SOL Tokens On Binance

what is solona and how to buy sol tokens on binance

Solona is a scalable blockchain that is taking the world by storm. Solona is looking to be the leader when it comes to being the fastest blockchain in the world with the fastest growing ecosystem for cryptocurrencies. Right now Solona has over 400 projects and growing; that span into DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more.

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Projects are flocking to the Solona network because it’s decentralized, quick, low-cost, scalable, and censorship resistant. Other blockchains can get hacked easily and the fees are outrageous. Solona is looking to get rid of those headaches that businesses and crypto projects have faced in the past.

At the time of this post, Solona is currently sitting at $180. Their is no doubt that Solana will battle it out with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and eventually come for the neck of Ethereum (ETH). It’s only a matter of time until it’s price value goes 10x.

Where to Buy Solona (SOL)

You can get Solona tokens from Binance,  the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world. They make it easy for millions of users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.

convert busd to sol

  1. To get started, signup with Binance here.
  2. One you are logged in, you will want to fund your account with either USDT or BUSD.
  3. In the main menu / navigation, click or mouse over Buy Crypto tab. Choose whether you want to fund your account with either a checking account or credit/debit card.
  4. Follow the steps until your deposit is completed.
  5. Alternatively, if you have other crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum in your Binance account, you can convert those directly into SOL using the simple converter.
  6. Once your account is funded, mouse over or click on the Trade tab and select Convert.
  7. In the From field, select USDT or BUSD.
  8. In the To field, select SOL.
  9. Enter the amount you want to convert, then click on Preview Conversion.
  10. Click convert. The conversion will take only a few seconds.
  11. Once completed, you have now successfully acquired SOL tokens.

Any questions regarding SOL or having trouble purchasing, let us know my sounding off in the comment section below. Happy investing!

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