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Bitfaucet Review

Update: This website is no longer paying it’s customers. To check on other Bitcoin Faucets or other paying programs, click here.

One of the easiest and most reliable Bitcoin faucets online has made earning Bitcoin a whole lot easier. The website/company is called BitFaucet allows you earn Bitcoin every 30 minutes. All you have to do is sign-up for a free account by entering a Bitcoin Wallet Address and then click on the Claim Now button every 30 minutes. It’s that simple!

How Much Can You Earn

BitFaucet gives you satoshi’s (portions of Bitcoin) every 30 minutes. When you hit the Claim Now button, depending on the Lucky Number that you hit will determine how much Bitcoin you will receive. The Lucky Numbers range from 0 to 10000. If you hit anywhere between 0-9986, you will be rewarded 0.00000021 BTC for that 30 minute cycle. In the next 30 minutes you have the opportunity to hit 0.00000210 BTC by scoring anywhere between 9987-9997, 0.00002100 BTC by scoring 9998-9999 and 0.00021000 BTC by scoring 10000.

Bitfaucet Dashboard

Other Earning Features

To increase earning potential to users on the BitFaucet platform, the company has added an Offer Wall. In the Offer Wall section of the website, you are able to do tasks such as fill out offers, install apps, take surveys, watch videos and more. Depending on the offer you take, the more Reward Points you receive. Each reward point is equal to 1 Satoshi. Score an earning total of 50000 Reward Points, you get a total of 50000 Satoshi’s (Bitcoin). Reward points are converted in Satoshi every Monday.

Another way for maximum earnings is to build up your referrals. With a growing number of referrals, your earning potential increases. When one of your referrals make a claim (clicking the Claim Now button), you receive 50% of that commission. If one of your referrals completes an offer or survey, you receive 10% reward points. The goal is to build up a nice referral base so that you can enjoy the benefits of a passive income.

To really profit from BitFaucet, you will want to keep a separate browser window open while doing other tasks on your computer. You can watch YouTube videos, read articles, play games, etc. Once you see the clock wind down to zero, click on that Claim Now button to earn Bitcoin.

Withdrawing Profits

Once you have reached a minimum of 0.00035000 BTC, you are free to request a withdrawal to your Bitcoin Wallet Address. Payments are instant and will transfer into your Bitcoin Wallet after 3 or more confirmations on the Blockchain.


Bitcoin continues to grow in user adoption all over the world. Finding ways of acquiring it can get expensive and difficult depending on the steps you to take. Though cloud mining and trading is the best way to go when it comes to earning, a free way which costs no start up money or hardware is by using BitFaucet. Sign-up today to get started.


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