How To Get A Bitcoin Blockchain Wallet

How To Get A Bitcoin Blockchain Wallet

A Bitcoin Wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to store Bitcoin or BTC. With a digital wallet, you get an address that can be used for receiving Bitcoins from any person or online service that offers payouts in Bitcoin. A Bitcoin Wallet Address looks something like this: 1PcXTVRnkjSZDJDC2aDLGmLps8HxFsgUNH.

To get your very own Bitcoin Wallet, you can signup on Blockchain for free. After signing up, you will get a unique Wallet ID which is used for protecting you from invalid login attempts from hackers, scammers, and unwanted users. After signing up with Blockchain and receiving a Wallet ID, and will have access to your Blockchain account.

Viewing your Blockchain Wallet and Account

Blockchain Dashboard

On the main dashboard you will be introduced to all the available cryptocurrencies that Blockchain allows you to use on your account. Other than Bitcoin, you can use Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Stellar. Each coin comes with their own unique Wallet Address.

Blockchain Wallet Address

To access your Bitcoin Wallet Address, on the main dashboard, simply click on the Request Button. A popup window will appear, where it says “Address”, copy your address and either save it in a word document for later usage or paste it into the payment provider’s withdrawal field (the address field where the company or service will send you payment(s) in Bitcoin).

Creating a new Bitcoin Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain Wallet Address

Logged into your main dashboard, at the top right of the screen, click on Settings. A small drop-down window will emerge. Click on Wallets & Addresses. Make sure that you have Bitcoin selected as your cryptocurrency. To create a new wallet address, simply click on the New Wallet button. Enter a name for your new wallet, then click on the “Create New Bitcoin Wallet”. Now you have a brand new wallet for receiving funds.

Blockchain Wallet Address (3)

The purpose of creating additional wallet addresses can be for a number of reasons. Most individuals use different wallet addresses for tracking purposes. Let’s say if you are used to receiving payments from a specific company or individual, you may want to designate a specific wallet address just for that service alone. When payments come in, you will know where they are coming from.

How to view your Bitcoin Wallet Transactions

Blockchain Wallet Transactions

By creating multiple Bitcoin Wallets, you have the ability to track incoming payments from an array of individuals, companies and or services. To view your transaction history on your Blockchain account, on the main dashboard, click on Bitcoin. Once clicked on, you will see all the sending and receiving transactions that were made on the account. Simply toggle between views such as All, Received, Sent and Transferred.

The TO field represents the address where Bitcoin funds were sent to. The FROM field is where Bitcoin funds were sent from. Going back to what was stated before about different Wallet Addresses and Wallet Names. If you sent Bitcoin to another Wallet Address, you will see your Wallet Name in the FROM field. If you receive Bitcoin, you will see your Bitcoin Address in the TO field.


Blockchain is an easy to use service for allowing you to send and receive Bitcoin as well as alt-coins online. Blockchain allows you to create a Bitcoin Wallet Address that you can share with family, friends and online services to receive payments. Because of the popularity of Bitcoin and people using it more for digital transactions, more people will need and continue to sign-up to acquire their very own Bitcoin Blockchain Wallet.

Click here to sign-up to Blockchain.

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