How To Fix Uniswap Waiting for Confirmation Screen Disappears

waiting for confirmation screen disappears

Uniswap is the leading decentralized platform online. With it’s high activity and usage rate, errors may tend to happen when performing a transaction.

One common error that many users are experiencing is; after clicking Confirm Swap, the confirmation window disappears, preventing you from completing your transaction.


Troubleshooting the Waiting for Confirmation Disappearing Dialog Box

uniswap dialog box

Their are a few steps we would like you to follow. Go through each step until the problem is resolved.

Make sure you are exchanging a legit token

You may find tokens in your wallet that seem legit, but actually are not. I’m talking about tokens (with weird names) that magically appear in your wallet after visiting crypto websites.

Transactions for these type of tokens will not succeed. Some times the dialog box would show correctly, while other times the transaction looks like it’s going through, only to fail, costing you gas in the process.

Make sure you have enough Gas

Having enough Gas or Ethereum in your Metamask Wallet is crucial for the transaction to succeed. Use a gas tracker to calculate how much Ethereum you will need to complete your transaction.

Adjust the slippage tolerance

By default, in Uniswap and many other DeFi exchangers, the default slippage tolerance is set to 0.5%. As you increase the tolerance, you increase the approval speed of the exchange. When a token you are exchanging doesn’t have enough slippage set, the transaction will not succeed.

Simply set the slippage tolerance to 2% and then resume with the exchange. Continue to increase the slippage in multiples of 2. Do this until the dialog box successfully shows a new dialog box, that allows you to finally confirm the transaction.

It is completely normal to set a high slippage tolerance. Some tokens require up to 21% to succeed. Always start with the lower number first.


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