eMine.to Review – Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining (NOT PAYING)

eMine Review - Crypto Cloud Mining

Update (10/9/2019) – eMine.to is currently down and may have been hacked or exit scammed their investors. Withdrawals were working before and investors were being paid, but that is no longer the case. Avoid using their services. You can check out other paying cloud mining websites here.

Cloud mining has become the most popular way of generating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in today’s market. People are constantly seeking alternative income opportunities instead of the traditional way. One of those ways of generating a passive income is with cloud mining.

One company that continues to grow in reputation for reliability, security and profitability would be eMine. eMine is a cryptocurrency cloud mining platform that is based on artificial intelligence. Opened in July of 2019, eMine has serviced over 34,000 users with over 5400 investments and counting. With already a ton of positive reviews, eMine is looking be respected as one of the leaders in cloud mining.

Cryptocurrencies Mined On The Platform

With hundreds of digital coins on the market, providing a platform for all of them would be a huge undertaking, especially when it comes to cost, security, and stability. Two cryptocurrencies that eMine supports on their platform is both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively are the two leading digital coins on the market. eMine offers you the ability to receive a daily profit on both.

Generating a Passive Income with eMine

eMine offers 60 day contracts, also known as investment plans that generate 3.6% daily profit. In 30 days you will generate a return in your investment and in the other 30 days, it becomes all profit from their. Essentially you are doubling your investment with each contract. As an example, if you deposit $50, at the end of your 60 day contract, you can expect to receive a little over $100.

You can choose to purchase an investment contract for either Bitcoin or Ethereum or both. You are not limited to purchasing just 1 contract, you can purchase as much as you can afford. One of the best features of the eMine platform is that you can withdraw any amount of your profits at anytime, as long as you meet the minimum of 0.001 BTC / 0.025 ETH. Withdrawals are instant on the platform and will be sent to your digital wallet that you must provide.

There are 3 ways you can fund your account to get started. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum or Perfect Money. For those looking to purchase Bitcoin and or Ethereum, you can do so with Coinbase which is available for users in the United States and around the world. Perfect Money is an excellent way to purchase contracts directly with a credit card or debit card. The only downside is, it’s not available for residents in the United States.

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eMine’s Affiliate Program

eMine has an affiliate program where you will receive a 6% bonus on any purchased investment contracts from any of your referrals. This method is a free way to fund your account and generate a passive income at the same time. The more you refer to the program, the more benefits you receive.

How to Get Started with eMine

To start mining on the eMine platform, just follow the few steps below.

1) Sign-up to eMine with your information. Use Coupon: BTCQUIRKS for 5% OFF!
2) Add a Bitcoin Wallet or Ethereum Wallet under your profile settings.
3) Fund your first contract with existing Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you don’t have any, you can purchase on Coinbase.
4) In your eMine dashboard, head over to the Deposit tab.
5) Enter the amount (min $10), select your payment method, then click on Make Payment.
6) If you have selected Bitcoin or Ethereum, you will send your amount to the provided digital wallet address.
7) When payment is confirmed, you can sit back and watch your investment(s) grow.


The eMine cryptocurrency cloud mining platform is an easy way generate a passive income with both Bitcoin and Ethereum. With 3.6% daily returns, instant withdrawals and security, eMine is a cloud mining platform that you can truly consider in your crypto investment strategy.

Payment Status: OFFLINE

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