How To Stake Crypto DeFi Coin Moonday Tokens

Moonday Finance Staking

The DeFi space continues to explode with opportunities for investors looking to make money in crypto. One coin that has gained a lot of traction upon its release is Moonday.

The word “Moon” in the name correlates to a coin “mooning” or going up in price. In a matter of 3 days after the official launch, Moonday Token had touched $4000 a coin. A few days later, it came back down to normal levels of just under $1000.

Because of the potential for this coin to “Moon” again, people or staking and trading for Moonday Tokens. The potential for this coin to go back to $4000 or more is still there. On the flip side, this coin can go back to zero. Very realistic, but we hope that doesn’t happen.

How to Buy Moonday Tokens

Before you can stake any Moonday tokens, you have to first buy some. In order to do that, you can exchange them for Ethereum tokens. A popular place that allows you to exchange your Ethereum for Moonday is Uniswap.

How Uniswap works is simple, it connects to a browser wallet such as Metamask (learn how to install Metamask Wallet). In this Metamask Wallet, you will have Ethereum tokens available to trade. You will want to be sure you have enough “gas” or ETH to cover the transaction fee as well as the cost of the amount you are looking to buy for Moonday tokens.

Once you have acquired the desired amount of Moonday, it’s time to head over to the staking platform. On this platform, you can earn 7% daily on your staked coins until you have reached 185% in profit. For example, if you stake 2 coins, you can expect to receive 3.6 coins.

How to Start Staking

  1. Click here to signup for Moonday Finance Staking.
  2. Connect to your Metamask Wallet.
  3. Under the section that says Stake, enter the amount of Moonday you would like to place.
    The amount you can put can be up to 4 decimal places. Example, you can input either 2, 2.1, .21, or .0002 in the field.
  4. After confirming your amount, click on the Stake button.
  5. Your Metamask wallet will open. You then will have to confirm your transaction and pay a (gas) fee.
  6. Once the network transactions are confirmed, you will automatically start earning dividends from your staking.


Moonday is a high risk, high reward token that you can make a profit from. To grow your number of Moonday tokens, you must first purchase some by exchanging them for Ethereum or other Ethereum based tokens. Once you have Moonday tokens in your position, using the platform, you can stake and earn 7% dividends a day and up to 185% total on your deposit.

Please understand, this is not financial advice, and we are not financial advisors.

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