How to Make $1000 A Month With Acorns

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Acorns is one of the largest financial investment companies available today. They have a strong reputation for helping people to grow their wealth passively and save for the future.

The highlight feature of the platform is the ability to invest your spare change. Every time you shop online or at a store and your credit card or debit card gets charged, Acorns rounds the amount up to the nearest dollar and invests the left over change from that transaction.

The micro-deposits you make from your spare change also gets placed in an investment account. From their, your money automatically gets added to a diversified portfolio of stocks. You can set that up very easily using the account wizard.

While mirco-investments and automated deposits grow your money, Acorns provides you with an amazing opportunity to earn additional money. With Acorns referral program you can earn up to $1000 a month by referring people with your referral link.

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How Does Acorns Referral Program Work?

When you share your referral link with family members, friends, and associates, you automatically get credited $5 per person. If you refer 20 people, you will earn $100. If you refer 200 people, you can earn $1000.

People with internet marketing experience may have little to no trouble referring a large amount of people to get those referral commissions. But for those who can’t pull more than 10 referrals a month, Acorns offers Referral Bonuses.

The Referral Bonus program is what really makes Acorns shine. As a member, when you sign into the Acorns app, you will be presented with the opportunity to participate in the Referral Bonus program. These bonus opportunities show up anywhere from 1 to 4 times a month. That means if you missed on one opportunity, you can try again for another.

How Do Referral Bonuses Pay?

Depending on the Bonus promotion offered, Acorns can give up to $1000 based on the number of referrals you signup. Through the app or an email, the bonus promotion will be announced as follows… “Earn $500 invested when you invite your friends“. The rules for this promotion could be said as follows: “Invite 5 or more friends to join Acorns and you’ll earn $500 invested for your future. Don’t leave your friends behind!

Bonus Promotions offered can be anywhere from $100 to $1000. The amount of people Acorns wants you to signup during the promotion can be anywhere from 3 people to 10 people. For each bonus promotion offered, Acorns gives you about 5 to 6 days to get people to signup. If successful, it takes a NET-30 days for your bonus to show up in your Acorns account.

When you receive your bonus, you can either let it grow, send it to your Acorns debit card, or withdraw to your bank account. Keeping the funds in your Acorns account allows your investments to grow, helping you to reach your money goals faster.


Acorns provides it’s investors with amazing opportunities to grow their wealth. When you spend your money, your spare change automatically gets invested and will grow overtime. Acorns also allows you to set automatic deposits of any amount of your choosing.

Signup for a Visa Debit Card where you can earn money and discounts on brands associated with Acorns. This is a big savings those who love to go shopping.

On top of those amazing features is the Referral program where you can earn $5 for every referral and additional bonuses when a promotion is completed correctly. There are absolutely no limits, you can refer an unlimited number of people to Acorns and earn a commission.

If you haven’t signed up with Acorns, now it’s your chance. Signup today!

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