Best Automated Crypto & Bitcoin Trading Bot Websites

Automated Crypto Trading Bots

Bitcoin continues to dominate the cryptocurrency market as each day passes. Trading use to be exclusively for commodities such as Gold & Silver and fiat currencies like the pound and dollar. Because of the rise of cryptocurrencies, other assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have found their way into the trading consciousness around the world. Their’s a lot of money to be made with digital currencies, and millions of people want in on the action.

Below are a list of websites that provide simplified and automated trading methods. They are for those looking to make a profit with little to no knowledge of trading. Because each listed program below is simplified, amateur to advanced level users can easily get started and start profiting in crypto trading.

A few rules before investing. First do your own research about the company to make sure they are legit. And second, only invest what you can afford to spend. The advice provided to you is for educational purposes only.

Crypto Automated Trading Websites

Bxen Trading

Bxen is an online platform that deals with automated trading on stock exchanges using Bitcoin. The bots that you acquire on the platform will automatically get you a daily return (profit). In order to get started using theses bots, you must first fund your account. You can do so by earning Bitcoin using their Free Faucet or by making a deposit into the system.

This is how the Bxen platform works. With the help of AI, Bxen does arbitrage trading which means it uses multiple exchange platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. Each crypto exchange platform has a different value for their digital currencies. Because one price is cheaper than the other, in the arbitrage process, cryptocurrencies are purchased low on the cheaper exchange and sold high on the higher priced exchange. You end up with the net positive profit.

You can choose upto 3 automated bots: Alan Turing which runs for 24 hours and gives you a 3% profit of your investment. Isaac Newton gives you a 23% profit after 30 days, profits from this plan is released in your wallet hourly. The last available plan is the Albert Einstein plan which gives you 29% profit and can be released into your wallet after 30 days. The minimum to get started using their automated bots in 0.0005 BTC.

A bonus feature on this platform is that you can earn pieces of Bitcoin from their faucet every hour. The amount you invest in your trading bots will determine how much free Bitcoin you can receive from the hourly faucet. For example, if you choose not to invest in any bots and just want to profit from the faucet, your hourly payout will be anywhere between 0.00000001 btc to 0.00000040 btc. If you were to invest at least 0.01 btc into the system, you can see your free Bitcoin faucet rise to 0.00000200 btc to 0.00000500 btc. That number get’s higher the more you invest.

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Cryptohood Tradining


Like Bxen, Cryptohood uses switch trading to get you a profit. By taking advantage of price fluctuations on exchanges, Cryptohood has set up a system where their automated bots will help you to earn a steady profit of 5% daily. When you calculate that over a 30 day period, you are looking at a 150% return on your investment.

Cryptohood allows you to fund and profit using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Digital coins that they allow you to invest with are ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, TRX, NEO, DOGE, DASH, ETN and WAVES. The minimum to invest on this platform is relatively high because they don’t want just anyone on the platform. Cryptohood is meant for serious investors looking to grow their cryptocurrency portfolio.

The minimum to get started on the platform are as follows: 0.05 BTC, 1 ETH, 5 LTC, 1 BCH, 20ETC, 5,000TRX, 100,000 DOGE, 20 NEO, 50,000 ETN, and 2.5 DASH. Your options are not limited to just Bitcoin, but other altcoins which are continuing to grow in value each year. Another feature on the platform is their re-investment and compounding option. This allows you to grow your existing profits without having to withdraw and re-deposit into the system.

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Tradesanta Trading


If you are looking to have more control when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, then Tradesanta is the platform for you. Tradesanta allows you to generate profits by setting up automated trade bots that go and earn you a profit. Like the other two platforms mentioned above, Tradesanta takes advantage of crypto market fluctuations, but does not use arbitrage.

How the system works is you connect your Tradesanta account to trading platforms such as Binance, HitBTC, and more. Once you have connected to those exchanges, the next step for you is to build your automated bots. Based on the settings you provide, these bots will buy low and sell high for the crypto pairs you choose.

Each bot can utilize long and short strategies which will take advantage of both bull and bear markets. The platform offers you templates and tutorials to easily get you started and profiting. Tradesanta offers 4 plans to choose from. Their Free Plan allows you to run upto 5 bots while their Maximum Plan for $100/m allows you to run an unlimited number of bots.

Every plan on Tradesanta allows to run an unlimited number pairs such as BTC-TUSD, BNB-ETH, BTC-BNB, and more. Tradesanta has made trading cryptocurrencies absolutely simple, take advantage of their 14 day free trial to use their premium features.

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Arbistar 2.0 Trading

Arbistar 2.0

Arbistar is designed to earn you maximum profits by using automated trading bots that take advantage of market fluctuations. Similar to Tradesanta, you will have to connect to other exchanges such as Binance and Bittrex to get started. Similar to Bxen and CryptoHood, Arbistar utilizes automated arbitrage which buys low and sells high from one exchange onto the other.

How the system works is as follows: Arbistar offers an automatized solution doing arbitrage trading on cryptocurrencies. Their bot syncs up to 13 exchanges to track opportunities by comparing bid and ask prices to seek profit from the spread. When the difference in price minus the fees is positive, the bot identifies an opportunity. It then will purchases low, to sell high.

The Arbistar platform has been built for those looking to take their crypto trading to the next level. They offer six packages to choose from such as the Community Bot, Pipster, Pipster Plus, Trailer Bot, Ann Bot, and the VIP License that combines all the programs into one. The Community Bot will be the standard automated bot that you will invest in to receive your profits from. To start the program, the minimum is $300. Once active you can start earning and receive an affiliate link to share for others to enter your downline.

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Finding ways to generate profits in the cryptocurrency market has been made a whole lot easier thanks to  platforms that offer automated trading bots that take care of all the heavy work. You no longer have to be tethered to your computer for 8+ hours straight to earn profits, the platforms listed above do all that work for you so you can earn passively. Make sure to take full advantage of each platforms affiliate program where you can share you affiliate link with family and friends.

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